Thursday, March 29, 2012

Morena The Enchantress

Morena Baccarin was born in Brazil on June 2, 1979 to Brazilian TV Actress Vera Setta and Italian journalist Fernando Baccarin. The family migrated to New York when she was 7 years old because of a job offer that her father accepted.

I’m doing my best to be cool, calm and collected while I tell you about Baccarin but to be totally honest I’m just absolutely excited on the inside and all I want is to scream out, “Morena Baccarin is just so freaking HOT and SEXY!!!”. Phew… there… I said it *takes a deep slow breath*. Ah damn… I’m still jumping up and down inside, I just can’t help it. I usually calm down after letting it all out of my system but Morena, ooh Morena! I can’t help myself!

*Focus, focus, focus… breathe…* Although her mom’s an actress she disclosed that she didn’t try to influence her one way or the other. Her mom offered her support in whatever direction she wanted her career to go.

She attended public school in New York then went on to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts before entering the theater program at Juilliard School.

She began her acting career in 2001 with a role in the comedy feature Perfume. She followed up with a leading role as Rebecca in that same year in Way Off Broadway. She continued to work in theater in New York, understudying Natalie Portman in Anton Chekhov’s Central Park production of The Seagull.

In 2002 she was cast in the Drama/Comedy – Roger Dodger along with Jennifer Beals and Elizabeth Berkley.

It was after completing this movie that she moved to Los Angeles to focus fully on her career. Since then she has been constantly at work mainly in TV as well as film. Over the years she appeared in Justice League (voice of Black Canary / Dinah Lance / Edgar Mandragora), The O.C. (Maya Griffin), How I Met Your Mother (Chloe), Sands of Oblivion (Alice Carter), Las Vegas (Sara Samari), Numb3rs (Lynn Potter), Medium (Brooke Hoyt) and The Good Wife (Isobel Swift) just to name a few.

Her most noted roles to date have been in Showtime’s Homeland (Jessica Brody), Stargate SG-1 (Adria), Dirt (Leland), Serenity (Inara), V (Anna) and Firefly (Inara Serra).

Despite all of her work and constant appearances, I didn’t catch sight of her until viewing an episode of The Mentalist. Baccarin made appearances in two episodes - War of the Roses & Every Rose Has Its Thorn. It was in the latter episode that I laid eyes on her and couldn’t, and I mean this literally, I couldn’t take my eyes away; couldn’t tear myself away; I kept hoping and wishing that she would be in every single scene of the episode and was totally disappointed when she wasn’t.

Oh how I wished the episode wouldn’t end; how I wished she would be returning for future episodes; how I kept wishing she would get away with it (in that episode)… she was bad but she was do damn good at it. She was enigmatic, super confident and deeply entrancing in that episode… I mean even that great, always in full control, totally aware, never naïve Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) was defenseless against the super smooth, sexy and captivating Erica Flynn *sighs… mmm mmm mmm...*

He too, deep down inside, was hoping she would get away with it. Erica, Erica, Erica is all I can/could say. No wait, I could very well and rightly say, Morena, Morena, Morena. And the creators must have been just as fascinated with this quintessential beauty as well because she did get away with it *the grin on my face when that happened was so great, it was blinding*. If that’s not proof that there’s no denying someone of prima donna status, I don’t know what is *huge huge huge grin*.

Baccarin is currently working on the starring role as Lori in Old Days which is currently being filmed. It is a comedy centered on the character of Jim Owens played by Michael Rosenbaum who returns to the small town he grew up in to attend his 15 year high school. He runs into his high school sweetheart and realizes he still has feelings for her even though she is set to be married in a week’s time. The film is set for release in 2013 and also casts Nick Swardson and Emma Caulfield. The storyline doesn’t appeal to me much but as long as Morena Baccarin is in the lineup, I’m there!

Thus far in her career she has been nominated for 2 Saturn Awards for Best Supporting Actress on TV for her performance in V and has won the Wine Country Film Festival Award for Best Actress in 2001 for her role in Way Off Broadway.

Another role for which she has won high acclaim is playing the conflicted wife of a former prisoner of war (Nicolas Brody) played by Damian Lewis (who was Sarah Shahi’s partner and co-star on the cancelled series Life) who suddenly returns home after being missing for 8 years in Homeland. She is torn between two loves since she fell in love in his absence.

Morena confesses that she sort of fell into acting; it was not planned. She grew up around actors and it just seemed normal to have pursued such a career. She started acting in high school and realized that she loved it. When asked why she didn’t pursue a modeling career since she clearly had/has all the attributes for it, she responded that she likes to eat and was/is not into the ‘skinny thing’ and didn’t like the lifestyle that came with it. Did I mention that I love this woman?

In some ways I’m amazed at myself that I didn’t happen upon this magnificently beautiful woman before. She makes me want to want more television for sure. Outside of her natural ultra-attractiveness it’s evident that she is also talented. If you check the bio of her career you will see that there have been no gaps in her profile since she performed her first role. That in itself speaks volumes.

Morena Baccarin makes it an absolute delight to sit at my PC and create an avenue to showcase why women should be given the opportunity to shine. I’m head-over-heels *again* *sighs*.  There is no end to my infatuations.

Is it just me or does she bear a striking resemblame to Ashly Judd?