Friday, February 1, 2008

Hottie Friday: Catherine Zeta-Jones

(Do click to enlarge this or any other image - but do so only if you can handle all that goodness)

Fairest most gorgeous Zeta-Jones

What I wouldn't give to jump your lovely bones

Your eyes are filled with so much passion

I'll court you and treat you in the most endearing and deserving fashion

Catherine so beautiful, Catherine so fair

Whenever you're around

There's nothing but love in the air

Alas, I can't help it and I feel absolutely no shame

My knees grow weak, at the mere mention of your name

Your eyes; they reflect the fire

That burns from the depth of your soul

If ever they looked at just me alone

I'd be all yours to have and to hold

And there's no denying that fiestiness you possess

It's evident in the way you tackle all of your roles with such zest

The flawlessness of your hair... your face

Yet, you don't let it get to you; cause you to fall from grace

The perfectness of your cheeks, lips and nose

If I admire them for too long
Then it's sigh, swoon, racing heartbeat
Ah yes, the next step - definitely comatose

The Pointer Sisters said it best
The words make me want to cuddle you to my chest
You fill my every being with such desire
The thought of kissing you ... Oooh Fire!

Any list of the finest and sexiest is incomplete
If your name does not appear at the top of the sheet
No one else could possess such a combination
Of sultry timeless beauty, you're the greatest sensation!

The Legend of Zorro; my absolute favorite of all time
But then again, you went above and beyond in Chicago
So it's not that easy to make up my mind
Ocean's Twelve - nice; Intolerable Cruelty
That movie I could not just one time see

Then you were paired with Sean Connery in Entrapment
That combination was pure delightful enjoyment
You were awesome in Catherine The Great, this I know
So many great movies; and in everyone you stole the show

Looking forward to Stompanato (2008)
And Rachel's Holiday (2008)
In one a murderer and the other
A drug addict you're scheduled to play

Swoon anyone?