Thursday, January 31, 2008

Natasha's Got A Pocketful Of Sunshine

How do I begin to write about Natasha Bedingfield? How do I do her justice? How do I put into words what's going around in my head? This is definite proof of my instability; but you have to admit that I put that out there right at the getgo so don't hold it against me.

I could start by mentioning that she's British (ooh there goes that nice tingly feeling). Being British in my world means awesome, rock hard, gorgeous.. you get the picture right? So if I ever mention British in any ensuing blog, don't take it lightly. Now where was I? She'll be 27 November of this year, she started out singing gospel with her brother and sister. To date, she's released 3 albums; the most recent of which was released Tuesday of this week (22 Jan 08). Her first album Unwritten was released in 2004. She followed up with N.B. last year and now Pocketful of Sunshine.

Pocketful of Sunshine is definitely Bedingfield's best album yet! Of course this is my humble (or twisted) opinion. Though humble, it should not be taken lightly since I'm a music fanatic and am convinced that I have impeccable taste in music. In a world where it has become rare for one to purchase an album, pop it into the CD deck then press play and forget it - Bedingfield's new album definitely breaks that trend. There isn't a song on this album that you'll want to skip over. The CD contains 13 tracks of which my favorite are: 1) Put Your Arms Around Me, 4) Love Like this (both have a reggae beat/feel/style to them) and 8) Angel.

This album takes you on a journey of rock out tunes (the first two tracks will have you bopping your head and tapping your feet), reggae style, ballad & R&B. One thing's for sure, her voice is as strong as ever throughout the entire album.

If any of this appeals to you, then go out and get the album; it will be worth it!

Oh.... one more thing... she's not hard on the eyes

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  1. While I dont Dig Bedingfield musically she more than makes up for it physically. In the vid with her in the elevator and then she steps out into a forest or something...OMG Blazin Hot Perfection! I remember her hair was AMAZING! Id def do her anytime/anyplace! Good 1st pick Slym - you got my approval!