Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alyssa I'm Charmed: Part 1

Being the extremely busy person that I am, sometimes I feel as if I don't get enough time to let my somewhat insane mind wander. It is for this very reason that I make sure to let my imagination run uninhibitedly wild when I do get the oppportunity. Lately, my thoughts have gone to a one-on-one sit down interview/chat with Alyssa Milano.

If at anytime during this interview/chat a loud THUD should be heard, that would be me swooning and hitting the floor hard for Ms. Milano is just positively the epitome of crazysexycool and I find her utterly enchanting.

Grab a drink, pull up a chair and take a journey with me that I believe (will convince you that I need therapy) will amuse you.
Alyssa: Slym, nice to meet you?
Me: Charmed. Where do you want to begin?

Alyssa: I'll leave it all up to you.
Me: Yeah Baby! I can handle it! I mean cool.
Alyssa: What do you wanna know?
Me: Do I ever cross your mind anytime? Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?

Alyssa: *a little flustered* You're so sweet.
Me: And then some.
Alyssa: Really?
Me: Oh you have no idea. But in time you will. I've watched you grow from a girl on Who's The Boss to a drop-dead gorgeous, jaw-dropping, swoon-inducing, sex goddess. What's it been like for you?

Alyssa: Err.. ah... well... umm.... what was that question again? *legs were crossed left over right, now switch to right over left*

Me: I asked how would you like it if I scooped you up and had you for dessert... I mean... if we continued this conversation over a scoop of ice cream?

Alyssa: Soons cool to me. I think I'd like that.

Me: Or we could make it dinner and a movie. In fact why not be my dinner while making the movie?

Alyssa: Er... *starts twisting a lock of her hair around* Why Slym...
Me: Why? Because I want you! ... I mean I want to.

*THUD!* (to be continued, i'm obviously not in any shape to go on with this)