Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jackie Chan's Women

A lot has been written about the (James) Bond women, however, over the years Jackie Chan (who's movies happen to be my all time favs) has been bringing us gorgeous women for over 3 decades. If you want proof, take a look at these:

From Mr. Nice Guy (1997) Miki Lee

Gorgeous (1999) Qi Shu

Shanghi Noon (2000) Lucy Lui

The Accidental Spy (2001) Min Kim

He went way out on Rush Hour 2 (2001) by given us a lot more than usual and you definitely won't hear a complaint from me:
The oh-so-beautiful Zhang Ziyi

The ever gorgeous Roselyn Sanchez

The lovely Lisa LoCicero
and the magnificent Maggie Q

We got a double dose in The Tuxedo (2002) with Jennifer Love Hewitt

and Mia Cottet

Shanghi Knights (2003) gave us Fann Wong

The Medallion (2003) introduced me to this beauty - Claire Forlani (what's up with ladies named Claire - they're so damn sexy). She also has that Lena Headey eyes going on or is that just me?

Then he did the 'Twin-Spin' in Lord of Armor (2004) with Charlene Choi

and Gillian Chung

I was glued to my seat for the duration of The Myth (2005) with this sizzling Indian beauty - Mallika Sherawat *swoon*

Rush Hour 3 (2007). Feeling a lil Shahi anyone? Huh anyone? Yeah I thought so.

There's no way on earth that I'm able to post just one Sarah, so hear goes... (damn my knees - *swoon* *thud* - I apologize but I'm totally helpless here)

RH3 also gave us Youki Kudoh

The Forbidden Kingdom is in post production and is set to be released 18 April 2008 and will give us Yifei Liu

Chan is currently working on Kung Fu Panda which will be released 6 June 2008. The animated film will feature the voice of Lucy Lui and Angelina Jolie. Sorry Jolie fans, but only the voice. However, in an effort to appease you, I give you this:

I figure since Chan shows no sign of slowing down that I might as well throw a couple suggestions his way for his very near future films.

Good suggestions? Yay or nay?

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  1. don't forget Maggie Cheung in Police Story 1/2/3.