Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alyssa Milano is a Wisegal

Shit I knew that already. And we all know that she's a Sex Goddess right! And that she makes my heart flutter right? And the things I want to do to her would need to be censored right? And that looking in her eyes gives me butterflies in the stomach right? And that she makes my heart sing right? And.. and.. and... *swoon*

What did I come here to write about again?

Oh yeah, Alyssa has got a new Lifetime movie that's gonna air on Lifetime on 15 March at 9 PM ET/PT. Now I'm not hot on Lifetime movies, they all just run along the same lines but Alyssa Milano will draw me to anything that she's in.

But wait! Wisegal is a mafia movie. Alyssa Milano with a gun!

Damn it, I said a gun! That's right! With me, Alyssa Milano with any damn thing is more than exciting!

The plot synopsis according to IMDB: (spoiler alert)
Alyssa Milano stars in her first Lifetime Original Movie, Wisegal. To provide for her family, a struggling, single mom turns to "The Family".
She always planned to walk away from organized crime but never planned on falling in love.

Now she must choose between the man who seems right and the life that feels wrong. Inspired by a true story. Wisegal. World Premiere Saturday, March 15th at 9/8C on Lifetime.

The movie also stars James Caan as Salvatore Palmeri who is the head of a Mafia family who recruits Patty to his organization and Jason Gedrick as Frank Russo who is the mob boss who becomes Patty's lover, and her entrance into the Mafia.

And you can get more still pics and info at Lifetime:

I just realized something!! Because of Alyssa Milano, I have had my first double-post since starting Slym Pickings! Alyssa, the things I do for you or should that be as a result of you. Ahh hell it matters not. I'd do it again and again and again and then some.

I'm so not missing this!
P.S. If you missed tonight's showing (15th) you have a chance to catch re-runs tomorrow (16th) @ 7pm and on Monday (17th) @ 8pm.