Friday, March 28, 2008

Hottie Friday: CSI Miami's Eva La Rue

The very first thing I've got to do here is confess that I've got such a huge crush on Eva La Rue that the only way to describe it is "sick"!

I swear my heart dances at the sight of her on screen on in a photograph. My mind races with thoughts of things that I'd do to and with her should the opportunity ever arise. I cannot control my emotions when it comes to her.

I mean, everyone knows that I luv beautiful women but there are those that just make me go goo-goo ga-ga and La Rue is one of those. Her beauty is beyond words. Her sex appeal is overwhelming.

Just look at her; look at the woman! Seriously!

And there's this way she has of folding her arms as she's talking to someone... *swoon* and that little smile that's gone in a second *good lord*!

She makes me weak in the knees.

Before I go on and make an absolute fool of myself, I think I'll just stick to the subject at hand. What the hell was I talking about again?

My brain has suffered a massive overload and nothing is making sense to me right now. Must concentrate.. must concentrate.... Focus Slym.... focus damn it!

Eh... facts about Eva... facts.. yes... Let's see. She
grew up in California and began singing jingles for and starring in TV commercials at the age of 6. She still often sings at many sports events and any other opportunities that arise. She enjoys Tae Kwon Do and loves acting.

Eva La Rue is of Puerto Rican, French, Dutch and Scottish ancestry. *Swoon. Thud - sea todavía mi corazón de paliza - be still my beating heart*

La Rue began acting at the age of 6 and was later a teenage beauty queen. She won Danfranc Productions Miss California Empire 1984 title at the state pageant held in Irvine, CA. (Somehow I think I'm repeating myself on some of this but forgive) and she used to model for Fredericks of Hollywood.

She has earned an Emmy and NAACP nomination and won two ALMA for her portrayal of Dr. Maria Santos on the daytime drama All My Children.

She was recently awarded the esteemed Gracie Allen Award by the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television. (Yo la quiero tan mal yo no puedo pensar - I want you so badly I cannot think)

On CSI Miami she plays Natalia Boa Vista an agent hired by the MDPD to pursue DNA on unsolved cases. She has been the victim of abuse by her ex-husband and was introduced into the series as a mole planted to gather information to bring down Horatio and his lab.

Her new life at the lab was going pretty well until she was discovered to be the mole by Horatio's team. Once her double-agent role was exposed, she made amends by trying to convince them she reported no wrongdoing.

She was eventually hired to train as a CSI in the field and for it took a while and some hard work to regain the respect and trust of those of her peers.

La Rue threw herself into the role and did a marvelous job of it. One thing I hate is to see someone in a role in which they do not play well.

This cannot be said of La Rue. I felt her insecurities, her apprehensions, her uncertainties and frustrations.

None of this stems from my blatant infatuation with her at all. If it's one thing that I cannot be, it's a hypocrite. I give credit where credit is due.

Whether someone else agrees with me is something else altogether. But I think I have and exercise pretty good, fair and just judgement.

She is a talented actress who is hard-working and puts her all into her roles. But don't take my word for it. Tune in to CBS on Mondays at 10pm or watch re-runs on A&E weekly.

Also check out her work in any of these movies and TV shows - Dangerous Curves, Heart Condition, Legal Tender, Robo Cop 3, Remembrance, Little Pieces and Cries in the Dark to name a few.

Her latest movie Lakeview Terrace is set for release on 19 September of this year.

Mi mariposa hermosa... (My beautiful butterfly)

la razón para mi es.... (the reason for my being)

Quiero quitarla a una Isla Tropical (I want to whisk you away to a Tropical Island)

y la alimenta fruta exóticas (and feed you exotic fruits)

entonces marca a usted toda la noche hasta la mañana viene (then make love to you all night till the morning comes)

Definitely a hottie!!

*If the Spanish makes not sense, don't hold it against me :)*


  1. I agree! She's my favorite CSI girl too!

  2. She is the hottest babe ever on TV

  3. She is the hottest sexiest most desirable who
    has the most beautiful body ever wish I could
    meet her in person she also has gorgeous legs
    best I've ever seen.
    Wallace Ant.

  4. Any guy and for that matter probably any woman would give anything to be with her! Totally SMOKIN' Hot

  5. I lose track of the dialogue when she has a super color corrected, HD close-up on my 65" plasma. She is stunning, and i am shocked she is 42!