Friday, April 11, 2008

Mariah Carey - Record Breaker

I have just previewed E=MC² and let the records show that I'm making a call on this one and proclaiming that The Beatles are about to be "dethroned" just as Elvis was by her. If this doesn't happen I'll be, well.. I'll be...I'll be wrong but I am feeling pretty sure about this.

This IS Mariah's Best Album Ever (so far). People, I know music so you can take my word on this one! The album contains 14 tracks and will be released next Tuesday (15 April). This album breaks the trend of late of albums having only a few tracks worth listening to. This album is off the chain! The Emancipation of Mimi is an awesome album, but trust me this album surpasses it. See the video for Touch My Body here.

1. Migrate
2. Touch My Body
3. Cruise Control
4. I Stay In Love
5. Side Effects
6. I'm That Chick
7. Love Story
8. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time
9. Last Kiss
10. Thanx 4 Nothin'
11. O.O.C.
12. For the Record
13. Bye Bye
14. I Wish You Well

Bye Bye, I Wish You Well, Cruise Control, I Stay In Love, Side Effects, Last Kiss... OMG!!!! We already know that Touch My Body is a record-breaker! The collaborations with JD (Jermaine Dupri - shiiiit!!). The vocals on Thanx 4 Nothin' brings me back... oh man...!

Go out and get this album, if you don't you're collection will be incomplete. Even if you weren't a Carey fan before, believe me, this album is worth having.

I won't even say anymore. Enough said.
P.S. Sorry, I didn't have time to prepare a hottie for this week, but I'll do my best to make up for it.