Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poppy Montgomery - Have You Seen Her!

I love Without A Trace; it's just my kind of show. I hate the damn adds that TNT inserts into it's shows. I blame them for what I'm about to confess. I first caught a glimpse of Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue Montgomery (excuse me while I catch my breath) on Without A Trace and in a way that was that. I concerned myself with the plot line of whatever episode I was watching and how intense Anthony LaPaglia is when he's on screen.

Before blogging about the women of TNT, one of my readers mentioned that she loved Poppy Montgomery and I was like who? She responded, Poppy Montgomery of Without A Trace. So of course I went to IMDB to look up the cast and sure enough there she was. And I thought to myself, 'here the hell have I been and what the hell have I been watching all along?'

So, of course I went digging. My digging turned up a few nice pics here and there and I was like 'hmmm... nice'. Needless to say that when I opened up my email one day and saw a mail from said reader, I didn't think much of it.

But Oh My Gosh! When I opened up and saw the attachments, I don't remember much after that!

If you haven't already been introduced, please, let me introduce you to Poppy like you've probably never seen her before. "Hellooooo Poppy!"

Warning! Extremely hot photos follows so proceed at your own risk, don't send me any medical bills, don't send me any complaints about damaged keyboards as a result of drooling or spilling coffee, cola, gin & tonic, etc, etc on them. I suggest that you place some cushions around you on the floor or better yet, if you're using a laptop - take it into bed and them proceed. You have been duly warned! Alert! Nudity follows!

There's no gradually moving into the 'other' side of Poppy. So you won't have time to pace yourself or anything; Just jumping right in! If you feel your heart rate increasing to a pace you know you won't be able to handle, you can just quit while you're ahead *cough cough*.

She's Australian, she currently plays Samantha Spade on Without A Trace, Montgomery was the "cover girl" for the May 2005 Stuff, which labelled her "TV's Hottest Cop."

She has appeared in Maxim, FHM and posed nude in the art magazine Black+White. She also portrayed Marilyn Monroe in the 2001 CBS mini-series Blonde.

Hot damn!!!

Kudos to Oceangirl1x