Thursday, April 3, 2008

Send Me An Angel: Karolina Kurková

WARNING!!! With all the Extreme hotness that has gone before, make sure you can handle what's about to come because the temperature is about to go up even further. Proceed at your own risk.

Name: Karolína Isela Kurková

DOB: February 28, 1984

Nationality: Czech (Děčín, Czechoslovakia)

At age 15 a friend sent photos of Kurková to an agency in Prague which landed her her first runway appearance, as well as a commercial and print ad.

My word!! What did I say about women and hats before? *swoon*

She later went to Milan to gain more experience and it was at this time that Miuccia Prada(designer of the Prada line) signed her.

In September 1999, the15-year-old model landed a modeling job with fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue, in New York.

At age 17, she graced the cover of the February 2001 edition of Vogue, becoming one of the youngest models ever to appear on the magazine’s cover.

This brought her to the attention of the famed lingerie retail marketer Victoria's Secret who selected her to become one of their “Angels”.

Additionally, Kurkova also signed a deal with French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and world-famous designer Tommy Hilfiger.

In 2002, Kurkova, was dubbed the "next supermodel" by Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

In that same year she was honored with the "Model of the Year" title at that year’s VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards.

She has worked for such designers as Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Balenciaga.

Kurkova has appeared on NBC’s talk show "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and in the fashion documentary Seamless in 2005.

She also has tried her hand in acting and completed her first film (2007), My Sexiest Year, a romantic coming-of-age drama/comedy written and directed by Howard Himelstein. The movie stars Frankie Muniz, Harvey Keitel and Amber Valletta.

Besides modeling, Kurkova is active in humanitarian work, promoting the welfare of children through such organizations as "The Beautiful Life Fund," "Free Arts" and "Global Youth Action Network."

She received an award from a non-profit organization called Women Together, in March 2006. *Catch me somebody please..... I feel rather faint*

In the 2002 Victoria's secret fashion show she modeled the multi-million dollar bra worth almost $10 million, embellished with rubies and emeralds, which was designed by Hearts on Fire. (Yeah.. heart's on fire... body's on fire.....right.... It's awfully hot in here)

Her most memorable walk was in the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show where she once again showcased the multi-million dollar bra worth $6.5 million, decked with almost 2000 diamonds weighing 800 carats, and a centerpiece diamond brooch weighing 10 carats wearing frosted wings.

As of December 2007, she can be seen in print ads for Dell.

She was also featured on the February 2008 cover of Esquire magazine. *She's looking at me with those bedroom eyes... oh swoon* featured her at No.5 on the list of the hottest models today. *#5, #4 hell, it doesn't matter - that thud would be me hitting the floor - hard!*

She has also received a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame along with her fellow Victoria's secret supermodels.

In March 2006, Kurková received an award from the non-profit organization, Women Together, for her humanitarian work.

Kurková was honored for working for the welfare of children through organizations such as "The Beautiful Life Fund", "Free Arts" and "Global Youth Action Network". *Karolina, let's make a deal, you go ahead and look after children's welfare and let me worry about your welfare. Don't want you worrying your pretty little bod... I mean, head about anything*

Personal Quotes:
"Everyone likes and deserves to have some fun. In the end, when you smile, life smiles back at you!" *Don't know about live Hon, but I'm smiling like a damn idiot among other things*

"Beauty doesn't come from just makeup and a good bra, it comes from your heart. It's true!" *Now all you need is to give me the key to yours and I'll protect with every breath that's given to me.*

Honestly folks, I had a lot more to say because I don't/didn't want this blog to end.

But for some strange reason.....

My mind is drawing a complete blank.

Could it be that I have short-circuited?

Blown a fuse or something?

With all the sparks flying in/around here,

That has got to be the most likely explanation! I mean, it's been an entire 4 days so far of ultra wattage and the week's not done yet!

Talk about a Blond Bombshell!!! Blonds do damn well have fun too! Don't you think?

Yes, I know.. I know... I posted a similar one to this before, but I just couldn't help myself.