Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teri Hatcher - Here's Looking At Ya

Let me take you back a little to 1993
When up in the sky; why what could it be?

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman I see
The Adventures of Lois and Clark; right on my TV

But what do you know, he's not alone
He isn't? No. What? Does he have a clone?

Nah for she's way too beautiful so it can't be
Hot damn! Well if it isn't gorgeous Teri!

I knew I was hooked right off the bat
Cause you see I fancy shows like that

A little bit of mystery, the good guy vs villain it had
Throw in a sassy curious lady; certainly not half bad

I followed the show in as much as I could
Tried never to miss an episode; I found them to be really good

Loved the twists and turns; the scrapes they got into
It would have helped some, had she known a bit of jujitsu

It went on like this for about 4 years
Then it came to an end, almost brought me to tears

How could they be taking my show away from me?
Now what the hell do they expect me to watch on TV?

I guess one might conclude that the show lost its fizzle
But bet your ass it wasn't because Hatcher lost her sizzle

It was just time for the show to go
Just one of those things that happen you know

And just as I feared, Hatcher fell out of sight
I looked and searched for her night after night

She showed up later in Tomorrow Never Dies - 007
And that was pretty much it in 1997

An appearance here and there - Seinfeld, Frasier, Jane Doe
Nothing really major, looked like curtain call; end of show

Until that fine day when Marc Cherry came calling
He had this idea for a show featuring 5 lovely darlings
Oh happy day! 5 lovelies each with a secret or two
Throw then all in a pot; let's cook us up some meaty stew

Desperate housewives living on Lane Wysteria
Neighbors, rivals, friendship, drama - sheer hysteria

Enter Teri Hatcher, fuck she's hot as can be
Strutting her stuff as if to say, "Hey! Just look at me!"

Damn woman, what the hell did you do
Now I'm gonna be stuck to my TV again - snug with some Crazy Glue

Whatever it is that you were feeding on or doing
Got my heart in a shambles; yep I'm definitely ruined

Can't take my eyes off you no matter what I try
You're that spring in my step; the beam in my eye

First one season, then before you know it two
The thing caught on like wild fire; what's left to do?

Add 2 more damn it; be sure to keep it great
Let all the fans stay rooted, let their hearts palpitate

Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle and Edie
I'll make you all dinner so please come round to see me

We could sit and chat or find more interesting things to do
I'm for whatever you all come up with; it's all up to you

But back to you Teri, I'm afraid I digress
Was I ever happy that you were back? Hell yes, yes, yes!

My TV viewing has been saved; returned to me; restored
Thanks to you, I can rejoice; I'm no longer bored

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  1. Dude,
    I have always thought I could gobble up Teri Hatcher in a minute. One of the most beautiful (and under rated women) in the world. Keep up the good work!