Monday, April 14, 2008

TV Series: The Women I Enjoyed Then Pt 1

I got to thinking about some of the TV shows of yesteryear that I enjoyed watching and what dawned on me was that although the shows were enjoyable, I must confess now that what I enjoyed most was admiring the beautiful women in these shows.

I invite you now to take a trip with me down memory lane and see if any of this comes back to you.

I'll start things off with one of my all-time favorites - Hart To Hart (1979 - 1983). Winner of a Golden Globe and a People's Choice Awards with an additional 21 nominations.

The show starred Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers.

Powers is one hot tamale! I certainly had some torrid dreams about her.

And there's just no denying how damn good the two of them look together.

Imagine a show with two people who look that good together and have such great chemistry between them. The show was about the globe-trotting adventures of amateur detectives Jonathan and Jennifer Hart.

The show had some great lines and comedic moments and despite it all, they always found time to snuggle and smooch. In other words, I always got the opportunity to imagine that I was getting the smooches and everything else instead of Wagner. Oh, those were the days... *sigh*
P.S. Did I mention that the show was created by one of my favorite authors Sydney Sheldon?