Friday, July 11, 2008

Hottie Friday: Alessandra Ambrósio

[click to enlarge images at your own risk]

Dear Diary what can I say
Alessandra Ambrósio makes me gay

She is undoubtedly the hottest sexiest woman in the world
And I'd give or do anything to make her my girl

They might as well stop with the lists
No other woman in the world can compare to this

You can search the entire universe over
There isn't a single woman who can dethrone her

Don't waste your breath or time trying to argue
For surely you're not blind, now are you

Ambrósio is sizzling, breath-taking and so much more
Finding befitting descriptions is really quite a chore

For mere existing words could never express
The immeasurable extent of her indescribable attractiveness

To be honest I'm becoming rather frustrated
To decide on a true number that she should be rated

You see #1 seems quite inappropriate and inadequate
When this woman can generate more heat than a skyward rocket

The search for anyone more attractive would be futile and a trivial pursuit
Case in point, just look at this gorgeous bombshell in a 2-piece bikini swimsuit
I'll just sit here and have fun while laughing at you
As you try the most impossible thing to do

Alessandra is beauty at its utmost perfection
All that's missing is for her to give me her undying affection

Yes, it's a fact there's no hotter chick on the planet
I can't believe I'm saying this but she's definitely hotter than heart-throb Janet

Legs so perfect, beautiful, smooth and long
Her ass, my gosh, the woman's lethal in a thong

Lips so luscious, flawlessly shaped, soft, supple, so sweet
The woman's tasty; why she's good enough to eat

I'm totally swept away by her sexy inviting eyes
Just want to run my hands slowly up and down her thighs

I'm going all out, pulling no punches whatsoever
I'm enamored, rapt, entranced, want her to be mine forever

I can just imagine my hands making a track
As they move up and down the groove of her perfect back

If wishes were horses so the saying goes
I have a fetish for doing things to her that would make her curl her toes

I should break myself out of this line of thinking
If I keep this up, I'm sure to end up drinking

And that for sure never solves anything
I just want Alessandra to accept my ring

I promise to put away my questionable ways
And to her only dedicate the rest of my days

Not even gonna prolong this anymore
I must have made my intentions clear for sure

I can but dream, no one can take that away
And in this state of reverie I have chosen to stay

So diary once again it's just you and me
And another one of my far fetched fantasy

I always enjoy these times here with you
If I didn't have you, I don't know what I'd do

You're open to every day dream that I bring
And never contribute so much as one negative thing

I dare say you seem to encourage me
By keeping all of my desires safely under lock and key