Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sexy Never Left: Diane Lane

Aaah Diane Lane. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. I haven't even started and I seem at a loss for words. That's just downright shameful if you ask me. My seeming lapse in vocab is mainly in part because of how stunning Dian Lane is and partly because I'm exhausted. Not quite the best shape to be in when trying to write a blog, but I'll do my best just the same.

So much can be said of Diane. What's foremost in my mind though is that her beauty is somewhat difficult (at least for me) to define. She's not supermodel type hot. She's not overtly 'cause-your-tongue-to-hang-out' type hot. And she isn't quite 'as-soon-as-I-look-at-you-I'll-just-faint type sexy.

No. But see, these are the very things that make this woman irresistibly, I-will-give-you-the-moon, call in sick just to be with you, sell the house, car and land super sexy hot!

Diane Lane's sexiness is so subtle but still in-your-face that it's enough to make you explode. Her hotness just sorta lies just beneath the skin but is bursting at the seams. The best way I think I can sum it up is that Diane's ultra sex appeal lies in her having this 'mystique' about her that says 'you look at me and see a calm, cool, sexy lady but if you only knew the inferno that's raging beneath'.

Just thinking about it is getting me all titillated and somewhat excited. The sultry teasing way about her just lures you in. You look at her and your mind starts to wander off to those places.... erotic thoughts.... forbidden thoughts.... just consume you.

I swear she doesn't have to do anything to evoke these feelings. Not a smile, not a flick of the hair, nothing... She could just sit there in the corner of the room quietly and draw me in. She would be perfect for a silent film. Seriously.

She has one of the most interestingly symmetrical faces I've seen.

Checkered life; she's had it. Her mom (a playboy centerfold - October 1957) and dad (an drama coach) separated when she was only six years old. She went through rigors and hurts of having her parents battle for customer - no once but twice. In the first instance her mother was awarded custody and in the second instance her dad was. She ran away from her dad at age 15. Was kidnapped by her mom shortly thereafter. She's had her fair share.

She made her stage debut at the age of 6 and was a multi-millionaire by age 18. Yes, early life, despite the ups and downs, was good to her. She tried her hand at modelling but was told by the Ford Modelling Agency that her neck was too short for her to make it in the business. Yeah.... whatever.... is all I have to say to that. Just look at the gorgeous beauty now Ford; just look.

She made her film debut at age 13 alongside Sir Laurence Olivier in A Little Romance. By age 14 she was featured on the cover of Time magazine and touted as the next Grace Kelly.

Just as her early life was not lacking in activity, he working life wasn't either. She had quite a number of films during the early 80s and unfortunately she had a lot more misses than hits. So much so that she called it quits in 1984 at the age of 19.

She returned three years later in 1987 in an effort to revive her career. However the two films she made that year The Big Town and Lady Beware did well enough but certainly didn't catapult her into super stardom. It was not until she did the TV Series Lonesome Dove in 1989 that she began to garner popularity once more. She was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Lorena Wood.

Her career found steady ground and started an uphill climb over the next few years. Movies of note were Wild Bill, Murder at 1600, The Perfect Storm, The Glass House and Hard Ball. The two films that did it for me were Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) and Unfaithful (2002).

I had not seen, no make that watched, much of her movies (I don't watch many movies on a whole) but I remember watching The Perfect Storm. I loved her performance in Murder at 1600 it's one of her best performances to date for me and I definitely fell in love with her in Under The Tuscan Sun. But, holy smokes Batman, when I watched her in Unfaithful, ooh, I was hooked! The woman rocked! HARD! And I'm not heaping on praises because of all the sex scenes (of course I won't complain about them either) Lane did a spectacular job with the character and the role. She was ever so convincing.

She's done three films this year. Untraceable which was released in January and Jumper which was released in February. I have not seen either of these films so I cannot comment but based on the trailer for Untraceable, it looks as if it's a good movie. Filming on Nights In Rodanthe has completed and the movie is set to be released on September 26 of this year. Lane will once again team up with Richard Gere (Unfaithful) in this Drama-Romance film.

Lane has had quite a number of nominations for her work over the years including Oscars, Academy, BET and Golden Globe Awards. She has won the Hollywood Film Festival Award for Actress of the Year 2003, the National Society of Film Critics Award - Best Actress (Unfaithful) 2003, the New York Film Critics Circle Award - Best Actress (Unfaithful) 2002, Satellite Awards - Best Performance (Unfaithful) 2002, Western Heritage Award 2001, Young Artist Award - Best Young Actress in a Major Motion Picture 1890 and also 1981.

Yes, I've said it before and I'll say it again, Diane Lane is All Woman. She and all of the women this week hold a very special place in my shrine of real women who I truly admire and others can aspire to be like.

Her legacy is all good with me. Her struggles and the way she overcame them are truly deserving of my respect and admiration. In a world filled with young beautiful aspiring actresses, it would have been so easy for her to have stayed in retirement but she didn't and thank goodness for that. Her roles contribute so much to the industry. She has made her mark and I'm happy that she's reaping the benefits of sticking it out and putting her all into what it is that she does; especially for as long as she's been doing it.

She successfully made the transition from child to adult star. That's no easy feat; we all know that. We are all aware of the many who fall into the ills that befall so many child stars. I'll go as far as to say that Lane has not reached 'icon' status, however she's not far from it. She can definitely be proud of the body of work that she has produced and continue to produce.


  1. Who doesn't love Diane Lane! She may be 44 this year but I swear she's one of the hottest and most well respected actresses on the planet. Go Diane!

  2. So mature and yet so hot! She gets better with age . . . line a fine red wine :)
    And an amazing body . . .

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Brolin doesn't deserve her. I don't either, but if she's with a guy that doesn't deserve her it should definitely be me since that guy's a turd. ;)

  4. i like yer word, she is ALL WOMAN, i obsessed to be with her..even in Judge Dredd, i adore her..

  5. Had a crush on her since the outsiders and Rumble fish my ideal women.And she has the same birthday as me 22 jan!

  6. Dyane is like really pretty