Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sexy Never Left: Halle Berry

Oh hell to the yeah - it's Halle Berry! Day 2 of my quest to bring you 'real' women (in every sense of the word) who prove that sexy never damn well left; it's been here all along getting sexier with age and maturity.

Is Halle Berry sexy? Let's see, well... uh... is the sky blue? Is rain wet? Does Summer come in June? Do beautiful women fascinate me? Is the earth round? Do donuts have a whole in the middle?

Is Halle Berry hot? Well... uh... does the moon shine at night? Does the sun during the day and rise in the East and set in the West? Is the Sahara filled with sand? Was Neil Armstrong the first man known to walk on the moon?

Are any of these questions even relevant? Your guess is as good as mine. But since I'm in the mood for questions, I'm not gonna let that stop me at all.

Is Halle Berry not one of the most beautiful women in the world? Well, isn't she? And if your answer is no, then I'm going outside to look up in the sky for there's got to be pigs in the air flying.

Is Halle Berry's skin tone not perfect?

Is Halle Berry not polished but not over-done?

Doesn't she have perfect teeth and *ahem* tongue?

Does she not have all the right curves in all the right places?

Can't you just see yourself laying down your jacket, shirt, skirt, whatever so that she could step over a puddle after the rain has fallen?

Can't you just picture yourself with her on a quiet evening, staring into her eyes while your pulse grows steadily? Just look at those enchanting eyes.

Doesn't this woman have the body of a goddess?

The kind of body that could cause cars to pile up on the highway because the drivers were stunned by her beauty as she stands at the side of the road waiting to cross?

Isn't this American beauty sophisticated as hell?

Isn't this woman still super sexy even though she's pregnant?

Is it not quite obvious that I'm totally infatuated with this woman?

Is it not evident that she could put me in a trance just by glancing my way?

Have I not rambled on enough about her? You can bet your ass not. Hell I could go on forever.

But alas, that's not at all possible so I'll just take a break then go into my shrine and meditate.


  1. One perfection easy recognizes the other!!!!

    Picture perfect!!!

  2. Very hot, nice work man!