Friday, July 4, 2008

Sexy Never Left: Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is hot. There's something about her that I find overwhelmingly attractive however I just can't quite put my finger on it. If only I were better at putting into writing what it is that I feel *sigh*. I don't have much of a problem saying what it is that I feel and saying it well, but there's just something about writing it down. But I don't think it's the word/adjective that's giving me a hard time. No it's the 'thing' itself that's eluding me. [do click any of the images to enlarge]

I'm going to give it some long hard thought (not that I haven't already). She's got those eyes that intrigue you and make you want to know what's going on inside her mind. Eyes that let you know that there's depth to her; that there's so much going on inside her - all at the same time.

Eyes that are in no way boring. No, they drop a hint of mystery if you will. Lauren is the kind of woman any man or woman can see themselves settling down with; giving up their evil ways for. The kind of woman you know mom will definitely approve of and encourage you to go out and invest in that house with the white picket fence and the lovely garden in front.

She's got this homely demeanor about her. This sense of 'don't you worry about anything, I'll take care of everything'. A sort of 'you just come on in here out of the rain and let me take care of you; get you all warn; make you comfortable' way about her.

You know what really rocks my socks off though, despite the cool, calm, homely demeanor her hotness is in no way overshadowed. Not in the least. This is what fascinates me most about her. Kinda plain but sizzling at the same time. There certainly is nothing plain about her but it's just that vibe. Ah hell, can you tell that I'm struggling with this all? Am I getting my point across?

She has all the makings of a real woman who could steal my heart away. Make me fall hook, line and sinker; head over heals in love with.

Wouldn't I love to be standing in a corner as she walks into a crowded room. *swoon*. Oh the very thought of just watching her enter.

Another thing about her is that she exudes confidence and I'd be damned if we don't all know that confidence is sexy. It's one of the sexiest and most appealing qualities of a woman (at least it is for me). Not only that, she's funny. Yes, funny is sexy indeed as well. In fact it's a necessary requirement.

Lauren Helen Graham is an Irish American who was born in Hawaii. She's got a BA in English from Barnard College and a Master of Fine Arts in Acting Performance from Southern Methodist University.

Her movie credits include One True Thing, Bad Santa, Seeing Other People, Lucky 13, The Pacifier, Because I Said So and Evan Almighty. However, she's probably best known for her role as Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. She's been on that show since it was created in 2000 for the full seven seasons. It's is believed that she was given a position of producer on the show in order to convince her to sign for an eight season.

She was the last guest on the Rosie O'Donnell show and has appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show eight times so far. She's got two movies slated for this year - Birds of America and Flash of Genius set for release on 25 October. The Dream of Romans is in post production and set to be released some time next year.

She has won 3 awards and have been nominated 10 times for various other awards.

That's it for this week. It's been a good run. Don't know if they'll be any blogging going on next week running into the following week. Gonna be gone again on business. I'm already tired thinking about it. I guess the appropriate line here would be 'stay tuned for more'. Happy 4th to all who celebrate it. Be good (at least as good as you can be) and stay safe.


  1. I concur. 100%

  2. bellliiisssiiimmaaa. i love her

  3. People always say I llook like her....:P I actually get it ALL the time.

  4. She's dreamy. Her eyes invite you to dig deep into her soul, but not too deep. I could stare into them for hours. Her smile is wholesome, engaging and mischievous. She looks like a lot of fun, and a very passionate lay. Someone I could spend a lot of time with.

  5. Acabo de conocerla en la peli Flash of Genius, y está sensacional.

  6. i would do terrible things to lauren

    she is a stone cold fox

  7. Oh so I'm not alone, faaar not alone.. :)