Monday, August 18, 2008

The Honeymoon Is Over

So the honeymoon that was my vacation has come to an end and as with honeymoons, it's gone too soon. I just wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your patience. I must confess that I do feel a tad guilty about leaving you all hanging for so long. In an effort to make it up to you all, I have every intention of posting a blog every day of this week. I've got to admit that I can't make any promises that this will be fulfilled but you can rest assured that I will definitely be making the effort to making it a reality. To kick things off, I give you Petra Němcová. Her beauty has a very calming effect on me. She's got this girl-next-door type demeanor tinged with a touch of class and subtle sexy allure which I find especially appealing. If I was stranded on an airport for hours and hours, I'd be pretty OK as long as she were sitting in a seat immediately across from me where I could soak up innate beauty. If I had to take an extremely long train ride which I was forced to take because of the flight delay, I'd would not be agitated as long as she was sitting next to me wearing a dress with a slit in it which reveal perfect smooth legs when she crossed one over the other. If I had to take a boat trip on rough choppy seas, I'd be totally calm once Petra was there to hold my hand and engage in meaningful or meaningless conversation. And if ever I did anything naughty I'd definitely want her to admonish me by looking at me in that I'm gonna get you later way. That I'm gonna make you pay way. On a hot and humid day, I'd be completely cool once Němcová was next to me. She's definitely hot but in such a very cool, nonchalant yet deliberate in a somewhat subtle ceremonious way. And once again I've gotten way ahead of myself (gorgeous beauties always seem to have this effect on me). Petra Němcová is a 29 year old Czech fashion model. She was born on June 24, 1979 (Hot damn, the month of my birth, we share the same zodiac sign! How you like dem apples Miss Robinson?). For those of you who might not know of her you might have remembered some mention of her back in 2004 when the tragic tsunami hit while she was in Thailand with her fiancé. Her finance lost his life and she has since fully recovered from a broken pelvis and other serious injuries. She survived by clinging on to a palm tree for some 8 hours before being rescued. Petra was discovered at age 16 and has since been featured in many Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues and was the cover model in 2003. She has also modeled for Victoria's Secret as well as many other fashion houses. She's pretty in pink. She's gorgeous in white. She's classically fashionable and elegant in just about anything. She's sexy in garters. She's hot in swimsuits and lingeries. But she's sizzling when she's wearing nothing at all (sorry couldn't help it, just had to go there). In 2005 she was awarded Survivor Award by Glamour magazine. It was also in this same year that she founded and created the Happy Hearts Foundation an organization geared towards providing underprivileged kids the assistance they need in order to alleviate hardship and provide essential sustainable help for healthy childhood development. Here's to you Petra.
Here's to you.