Sunday, September 21, 2008

The British Invasion: Claire Forlani

Sweetest Claire Forlani where do I begin? My crush on you; maddening; unbearable; utter sin I could watch you on screen every single day Romance, drama, action; it matters not what role you play You light up my life; you light up the night Quell this passion inside, come to me and make it right A fairer maiden my eyes have not seen At the very top of the list; you could never fall in between I’ll wine you, dine you, treat you so right You make my heart soar just like a kite There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to satisfy you Name it, say the word, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do Climb the highest mountain, cross the ocean wide My only goal is to have you, keep you forever by my side I like your hair, your cheeks, your sexy inviting eyes Your perfect lips, curve of your hips, you have gorgeous thighs First saw you in Police Academy: Mission to Moscow 1994 After the movie you left me wanting for more Then in 1996 you appeared in The Rock I admit I got excited, woman you were so totally hot Then there you in 1998 opposite Pitt & Hopkins in Meet Joe Black I swore that any movie you were in I’d be sure to keep coming back! I still can’t get over how you make sexy look so easy You have no idea how much you tease me I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re eyes are amazing They beckon, they call, they tempt, they tease, oh so damn appealing I know if ever I get caught in your gaze I’ll lose all my senses They weaken me, render me helpless; break down all of my defenses Mystery Men, Boys and Girls, The Medallion – didn’t want this movie to end In fact I went out straight way to get the DVD and I play it over again and again Your accent OMG, it’s the cutest sexiest thing Be mine I beg you, say that you’ll accept my ring Still to come: False Witness, Identity, Crossmaglen all to come in 2008 Shannon’s Rainbow in 2009, for all these movies to be released I can hardly wait I’ve got to be strong, keep my composure until that fine day When you say yes to me and I whisk you away