Thursday, September 4, 2008

Roselyn Sánchez Takes My Breath Away

Aah Roselyn *sigh*. Can I just post pics in this blog and not type anything? Would that be ok? I don't want to type. I just want to sit here and ogle... and day-dream... and hope... and wish... and get rapt, absorbed, entranced in the sexy beauty that's Roselyn Sánchez. Just let me stay here and get lost in the rapture of her sex appeal. Let me drown in the pleasures derived from looking into her ultra seductive eyes. Let me just picture her walking towards me with that enticing sway of her hips. Let all my senses be titillated by the thought of her whispering sweet nothings in my ears with that provoking Spanish accent. Aah Rosie *more sighs*. Let me absorb the excitement I get from picturing her playfully teasing me. Aah Rosie *even more sighs*. Oh the fantasies.

Roselyn's Puerto Rican! Why the exclamation? Why the excitement? That's a no-brainer. Who in their right minds don't know that Puerto Rican chicks are some of the hottest on the planet? If you're one of those persons who don't know, then that's a crying shame.

On a whole we all know that Latina's bring the heat! They put the sizz in sizzle; the inferno in hotness; the passion in fervency; the sex in sexy (somebody stop me please before I hurt myself), the rock in rock-your-world-with-intensity.

Latina's have a reputation for being extremely passionate. A passion for life, a passion for accomplishing, a passion (most importantly) that they take, or should that be bring, into the bedroom. See, I'm so damn excited by Miss Sánchez that I'm beginning to lose clarity and comprehension. Better switch it up to prevent making a spectacle of myself.

Where was I again? Oh damn! I'm so messed up. So she's Puerto Rican, she's a singer, model and television actress. And she's so fucking hot! Damn, that wasn't supposed to be there; I just can't help myself (gotta focus). At an early age she knew she wanted to act. She dropped out of college where she was studying marketing and moved to New York at age 18 where she enrolled in dancing, acting and singing classes.

She's got a very keen sense of style; she always looks great. She's got a rocking body and she's well aware of it and is never hesitant to show it off. She's undecidedly aware of her sexual prowess as well and is not afraid to wield it with just the right amount of control (*oh swoon*). Rosie baby, come and get me. Lay it on me. Girlfriend returned to Puerto Rico in 1992 and a year later entered in and won the Miss Puerto Rico Petite contest and. A year following that she won the international title of Miss America Petite. Winning the latter contest brought her to international recognition and fame. Sánchez has been included on several hot/sexy/beautiful women's lists including Maxim, and FHM Magazine just to name a few.

Her first film appearance was in Captain Ron in 1992. She then moved on to play the role of Pilar Domingo in 23 episodes of As the World Turns. Not being a Soap fan, I first saw her in Rush Hour 2 and she made me sit up and pay attention.

Then I caught a glimpse of her in Basic and she pretty much was under the radar in that film. And then I really saw her in Chasing Papi (2003) and believe me, that was it. It took a little while in coming but it was love, love, love (coupled with lust, lust, lust). I fell and fell hard and have been falling ever since. I swear I fall in love with her more and more.

Other films/TV appearances of note include Kojak, Underclass Man, Venus & Vegas and most recently The Game Plan. The Perfect Sleep is the latest movie she's scheduled to appear in however there is no info on the release date.

These days you can catch the sexy Puerto Rican seductress in the TNT series Without A Trace.

Since the start of her career she has had 6 award nominations including 4 ALMAs, 1 Black Reel and 1 Image.

Borinqueña, her first musical recording was released in 2003 and the video for the single Amor Amor gained a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Music Video.

Sánchez is an active member of PETA and is the spokesperson of the Fundación de Niños San Jorge and organization that provides assistance to sick children of poor families.

She's currently engaged to actress Eric Winter.

Here's to looking forward to many more Sánchez movies, hot list and other appearances.

p.s. I had quite a hottie lined up for tomorrow, but alas, I've got to take make an unplanned trip so I have no idea how that's gonna turn out. Either way, we might just have to dub either Saturday or Sunday a Hottie day.


  1. This is the must sexy and hot latina that I ever saw in my life. +10

  2. Roselyn, Carmen, Eva, Paulina and ?