Friday, October 31, 2008

Hottie Friday: Sanaa Lathan

There are many things that I admire about Sanaa McCoy Lathan. Of course one of them is that she is so naturally beautiful. And this being Hottie Friday, I should probably be focusing most of my attention on that fact. However, allow me to depart from pouring over her hotness, at least for a little while. One of the things I admire most about Sanaa Lathan is the progress she has made from the start of her career to the present. If you take a look at the body of work she has been involved it, the list is not an extensively long one. In fact, for the acclaim that she had earned, it would be fear to say that it is a short list. So in essence, Sanaa Lathan has built up quite a successful career for herself with only so many movies to her credit. I admire this tremendously. Whereas other actors have had to be involved in so many television shows/movies and films, Sanaa makes it seem somewhat effortless to attain the acclaim that she has built up. To add to this, she has had but 6 award wins with an additional 13 nominations. Not many right? I agree. But how well known and respected is she despite this all? Extremely. And that is the true measure of the point I'm trying to get across. Sanaa puts out quality over quantity. Allow me once more to add even more. Sanaa Lathan is not one to be consistently turning out movies, yet when she is absent from the business it is known. And when she returns, it's as if she never left. One might expect some inconsistency here and there because she has been gone, but this cannot be said of Lathan. Of course, this is all a matter of opinion. I do not in the least expect that everyone or even a lot of people feel the same way. And since we may not agree on these things, can we at least agree that Lathan is one hot African-American woman? Huh? Of course, we won't all agree on this, but I am confident that more would probably agree with me on this than what I have previously stated about her career. Her 6 wins include 1 BET Award: Best Actress - Love & Basketball, 2 Black Reel Awards for Best Actress: Out of Time (2004) and Best Actress - Love & Basketball (2001), 1 Image Award: Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture - Love & Basketball (2001), 1 Theatre World Award: A Raisin in the Sun (2004) and 1 American Black Film Festival Award: Best Performance by an Actress - Out of Time (2004). Some of her best known films are Love & Basketball, Alien vs. Predator - her most successful film to date, Something New, The Best Man, Brown Sugar, Blade, Disappearing Acts, Out of Time and The Family That Preys. She co-starred with Wesley Snipes in Blade and Disappearing Acts which happen to be two of my favorite movies. Her role with Denzel Washington in Out of Time is another which ranks very high on my list of favorite performances. Essence magazine honored her with an award for Best Actress for her performance in this film. She currently has two movies pending - Wonderful World (post-production) and The Middle of Nowhere (in production). The first is a drama/romance which will cast her with Matthew Broderick and Ally Walker. The second is a drama with Ruby Dee, Idris Elba and fellow A Raisin in the Sun co-star (not to mention one of my favorite actresses of all time) Phylicia Rashād. Lathan will also be making her debut as a producer with this film. I like the way Lathan is built. She's got curves in all the right places. And she exudes a cool confidence that I truly admire in a woman. I like that neither her career nor personal life is riddled with hype and drama. I like that not only other African-American women can look up to her. I like what she does and how she does it. Sanaa Lathan can come knocking on my door any day, any time any hour and you can bet your ass that I'll drop everything for her. Here's wishing a splendid weekend to all.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"30 Rock" ROCKS!

I have come to openly declare my adoration for the incomparable Tina Fey! Scratch that! It's already known; I've declared my obsession... I mean... admiration for the brilliant Tina Fey here, there and every and any where that I could find a place to do so all over the Internet. So what I have really come here to do is to let you know that if you have not been watching 30 Rock which is a show created by Fey, then it's high time that you started. It's an intelligently insightful witty show. The writing is awesome, the cast has great chemistry, the delivery is classical. Fey is her exceptionally brilliant self in the episodes. In a world where television is filled with so many shows not worth my time (I can only speak for me), 30 Rock is one of the most welcomed shows (if not the most welcomed) on my TV viewing list. And since I am not a huge fan of viewing, it takes a lot for me to make such a declaration. So today I band with Dorothy over at Surrenders to urge you to tune in to 30 Rock's third season premiere tonight at 9:30/8:30 c p.m. on NBC. It is a great show and it needs more support. The awesomeness of this show is proven by it having on 2 Golden Globes along with another 21 wins & 38 nominations! Seven of those 21 wins are Emmy Awards which include a win two for Outstanding Comedy Series. The show is about "Liz Lemon, head writer of the sketch comedy show 'TGS with Tracy Jordan', must deal with an arrogant new boss and a crazy new star, all while trying to run a successful TV show without losing her mind." cited So my faithful readers and followers, if you love me (yes, I will stoop that low for Tina Fey), if you are loyal to me (yes, I know - pathetic!) then tune in tonight (pretty please with sugar and frosting on top - yes I know, that's lower than low but it's all in the name of true love). You are know how love makes us do some crazy things. Now if all this pitiful begging doesn't work, then I am left with no choice but to be totally mature and threaten never to play with any of you ever again if you don't watch! 30 Rock rocks just as hard as Tina Fey does. And believe me Tina Fey ROCKS HARD! Happy viewing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Olivia Drives Me Wilde

Olivia Wilde has the kind of face that deserves to be plastered on the cover of every magazine. She has the facial features that would be excellent in silent movies. Don’t believe me. See for yourself. Now answer me this. Could you not sit in front of your television for an hour and forty-five minutes just looking at the woman’s face in a silent movie? Her eyes are profoundly passionate and expressive. She could tell an entire story with only her eyes. Her face is flawlessly beautiful and perfectly shaped and proportioned in every single way possible. Her hair – gorgeous, rich, luscious! Wilde is originally a blond but I just can’t picture her with blond hair. Her hair being blond takes away from the intensity of her bewitching, enchanting, enticing sexy eyes. I could get lost in her eyes, I swear I could. But blond or not, her eyes still hold the power. Wilde has been quoted as saying "I'm a natural blonde, but I feel like a brunette. I feel like people treat me now how I should be treated. People used to be shocked, when I was blond, that I wasn't stupid. I used to get these comments that I swear people thought were compliments. Like, 'Oh! You're smart!' - like they couldn't believe it." Above the neck as I have so fittingly stated is flawless. So what about the rest of her? The woman’s body is impeccable. She’s immaculately attractive. She’s dazzling. She’s elegant. She’s sumptuous. Is she hot! She’s scorching! She is titillating! If you get too close to her, you will need to take off all your clothes. She was in the room when Nelly came up with the lyrics for Hot In Here! She’s blazing! Come to think of it, I get feverish if I look at the pictures for too long! She is a walking inferno! Don’t ever leave anything flammable anywhere near her path; it would be a recipe for disaster. What! Wait! Is it Friday? It’s gotta be right? Hottie Friday? Have I gotten my days mixed up? Where am I? What time is it? Oh damn; I need help. How will I ever blog on Friday? It’s a hell of a challenge but I’ll do my best. No it’s not Friday. Yes – Wilde is definitely deserving of a spot on my Hottie Friday list! This is me trying to make up for not having time to blog for the past couple days and at the same time giving props to a beauty who is absolutely deserving. I hope this is sufficient and that I will be forgiven. Additionally, I have no idea how the rest of the week will go; time on my hands as I knew it has ceased to exist. I do think that Olivia is woman and hot enough to make up for an entire week (or at least 4 days of not posting don’t you?) She holds dual citizenship (American and Irish) and has had the desire to act since the age of two. She comes from a highly talented family of journalists. Her mom LeslieCockburn is a 60 Minutes producer and journalist, her father Andrew Cockburn is an Irish journalist. Her parents along with two uncles are contributors to the political website She has an aunt who is a mystery writer (Sarah Caudwell) and a grandfather who is an Irish novelist and journalist (Claud Cockburn). Wilde attributes her critical and analytical nature to the fact that she has a "strong journalistic streak" because of her heritage. Wilde began her career around 2003 when she was cast in Skin. She made her movie debut in The Girl Next Door in 2004 with fellow cast members that included Elisha Cuthbert and Donna Bullock. She made quite a name for herself when she was cast as Alex Kelly in The O.C. for 13 episodes during 2004-2005. Wilde was a very strong contender for the role of Vesper Lynd in the Bond film Casino Royale but she lost the part to Eva Green. Other film credits include Conversations with Other Women, Alpha Dog, Turistas, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, The Black Donnellys, Fix and most recently and notably FOX’s House. She has two movies that are in post-production phase – In Northwood (drama/thriller) in which she plays a leading role opposite Nick Stahl and The Year One (Adventure/Comedy) alongside Jack Black and Michael Cera. She lists Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Frances McDormand and Catherine Keener as actresses who inspired her to become and actress. Her career thus far has yielded two award wins along with one additional nomination. In 2006 she won the US Comedy Arts Festival Film’s Discovery Jury Award for Best Actress for Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas and won the Rising Star Award at the Vail Film Festival. In 2008 she was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Breakout Star Female for House. Olivia’s alluring eyes, sexy body and distinct hotness irrefutably drive me wild.