Monday, October 13, 2008

Emmanuelle Chriqui - Bite Me!

Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui I have just one thing to say; "Just bite me!". Yeah you heard right or better yet let me bite you. Damn, let's bite each other! At least to begin with.
That look *sigh*. Gotta thank you mom and pops for being Morcocans. The raven hair - so silky, so rich, so smooth. Your complexion, mmm, mmmhmmm. You render me speechless. Exotic beauty that you are. Color me sprung! Color me hooked! Color me bad *blush*. It's bad enough being cookoo over Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sophia Milos, Salma Hayek and Audrey Hepburn but when you combine all these women (their looks, their sexyness, their sex appeal and the like) the result is Y-O-U *more sighs - aah*. What a striking beauty to behold.
Chriqui's family migrated to Cananda when she was nearly two years old and it has been their home every since. She took acting lessons as a child and appeared in her first television ad (a McDonald's commercial) at the age of 10. She has done a lot of work in television and continues to do so. She is well known for her appearance in Entourage as Sloan McQuewick, Unscripted as a sexy extra. Her early roles include appearances in Harrison Bergeron, Forever Knight ,The Donor, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science, The Adventures of Sinbad, The O.C.and Once a Thief. She first came under my radar in 2005 when she starred alongside Usher in In The Mix. However, in as much as I like Usher and she was beautiful, I found the movie to be just totally awful so she did not have much of an impact on me then. Her more recent work include After Sex, her stint in Entourage, August and You Don't Mess with the Zohan. In was in this movie that she once again caught my attention and had me going whoa! Wow! Yowza! Boy how she has grown. She's hot in this movie! This gorgeous sexy beauty should have been in every scene of that movie. Justice was not done. She's unequivocally so sexy! Tortured (a crime/thriller) will be released in Sweden 22 October and was released on DVD in the U.S. on 22 September. Other cast members include Laurence Fishburne, James Denton and James Cromwell.
In Patriotville (comedy) Chriqui plays a starring role as Lucy opposite Justin Long. This movie is in post-production phase. Cadillac Records (muscial drama) is also in post-production with a release set for 5 December. She is also cast in Saint John of Las Vegas (comedy/drama) which is currently being filmed and is set for release some time in 2009.
Her career has not yielded any award wins to date, However in 2001 she was nominated for a Best Actress DVD Exclusive Award for her performance in 100 Girls. In 2002 she earned a Teen Choice Award nomination along with Lance Bass for Choice Liplock for her performance in On the Line.


  1. Yep - just watched Zohan and she is a stunning creature. She even has the perfect collar bone!

  2. I cannot comprehend how can this female be compared to Catherine Salma and Audrey. She is far from what they are. JMHO

  3. i am from germany and i am the biggst fan of her in the world i cant breathe when i look at her smile i never seen a woman like her before and i will never see a girl like her in my life she is wonderfull words cant explane how beautifull she really is i love her