Friday, October 10, 2008

Hottie Friday: Leryn Franco

Leryn *pant* Franco! *thud*. I know, this is no way to start a blog. It is embarrassing to say the least. But come on now, Leryn *breathe* Franco is *breathe* wow!!! She's *thud* ooh! This just won't do. Words fail me (and so do my knees). This is so wrong in so many ways! Wrong in that I'm very likely making a fool of myself. On all other counts, this is so damn right! What do I know about Franco? I know she's 26 years old. Born on March 1, 1982. I know she's a native of Paraguay. I know she's an athlete who specializes in javelin throwing. I know her personal best throw is 55.38 ft - Fortaleza 126/5/2007.
She was the runner up in the Miss Paraguay 2006 pageant.
She participated in the Miss Bikini pageant in that same year. She has her own 2007 Calendar. But most important of all, I know that Leryn Franco can set this whole blog on fire with her HOTNESS!!! The woman has a body to die for! *pant, sweat, hyperventilate, thud*