Friday, November 28, 2008

Hottie Friday: Carmen Electra

Say what you want about Carmen Electra but there's one thing that cannot be denied; Carmen Electra is smoking hot! If she walks by and the wind so much as lifts her dress even just an inch upwards, I know I'd be hitting the pavement immediately after. Electra deserves her spot on my list of hotties for Fridays. She made a brief appearance on T's Hottie List but that was among other hotties. Carmen Electra deserves a Friday all her own; all by her sizzling lonesome. She is definitely worthy! Tara Leigh Patrick is most widely known as a glamour model and sex symbol. She is also a television personality, entertainer and more recently an actress. She also tried her hand at singing after meeting Prince back in 1994. He is the one who suggested that her name be changed and helped her to record an album. Bar none, Carmen Electra has got to be most famous for her appearances in Playboy magazine.
Very likely you may also recognize Electra as being one of the gorgeous bodacious Baywatch babes where she played the role of Lani McKenzie in 22 episodes from 1997-1998. She reunited with the cast of Baywatch in 2003 to film the movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. Other claims to fame include Singled Out (MTV's game show) as well as a few performances where she danced with the Pussycat Dolls. Electra is the current spokes model for Ritz Camera Centers. If you haven't caught any of her films, I do recommend them. They are not great movies but her performances in these parodies are worth watching. They may not cause you to laugh so much that your ribs hurt but they are certainly entertaining. Go and catch her in Scary Movie, Scary Movie 4, Date Movie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie. She does a hell of a job in all of them. I quite enjoyed her performances. And to be totally honest with you, any woman - especially a gorgeous bombshell such as Electra - who is never hesitant to take on comedic roles and is not afraid to readily make a fool of herself gets super points in my book. If, like me, you look at Electra and think to yourself that there's just something about her looks, her features; just something about her that you can't quite place. Here's what it is. She is of Irish, German and Cherokee ancestry. Yes, I know, aah that's it (there goes that little light bulb).
Electra is a staunch supporter of Heat to Hollywood which is a non-profit organization that supports brain tumor survivors. Her mom died of a brain tumor in 1998. She also supports Elevate Hop which assists abandoned and abused children as well as Holirod Foundation which provides support to those who suffer from Parkinson's Disease and other debilitating complications. So as you can see, she's not just all about the glitz and glamour. She participates in work and fundraisers in an effort to help others who are less fortunate and in need. She's all in all a commendable woman. There's definitely more to her than meets the eye. I like Electra. I have always liked her. Even when the press and other media made fun of her or said not-so-nice things, there was just something (and no, it's not just because the woman is remarkably hot) about her that I admired. It's been quite a rough week for me and it gives me great pleasure to finish it off with this blond hottie. Carmen Electra rocks! Carmen Electra takes the edge off. Carmen Electra makes it better. Is it just me or did it get extremely hot in here all of a sudden?