Friday, November 21, 2008

Hottie Friday: Jodie Foster

OMG!!! I'm blogging about Jodie Foster!!! This is surreal! This isn't happening! Do you know how many Jodie Foster blogs, articles and interviews I've read and how excited they made me?
Can you even begin to imagine how super excited I am to be writing this post? Do you have the slightest clue how long I've been meaning to do this? If you only knew. Do you know that I'm a little apprehensive about doing this? About paying tribute to this exceptionally amazing woman, to this icon, to this woman who I adolize! What if I don't do her justice? What if I can't handle it? What it it's too much for me? I need air...
What if for some phenomenal reason she sees this? You know... like the amazing, mot sort-after, super busy superstar would just be sitting around at her desk surfing the Internet and just happen upon my blog; some stroke of luck just directed her to my site. Breathe Slym... Breathe... Yes, that's it... deep breaths... slowly... OMG!!! I'm blogging about Jodie Foster!... Breathe... ***THUD***
Alicia Christian "Jodie" Foster has to be the coolest human being on the planet. She is a rare and truly talented actress. She is gifted. She is a priceless gem. She is as cool as a tropical breeze. She possesses extraordinary talents. I cannot picture the movie industry without her being a part of it. It would have been a terrible loss if she did not follow her calling. My movie viewing would have suffered great deprivation. Jodie Foster is irresistibly sexy. She makes me swoon. She should marry me (that's all I'm saying). Jodie Foster is an exemplary woman. She is highly respected and deservedly so - by her peers, by her colleagues, by her fans, by the world at large. The woman is intelligent and smart as hell. She is a person with a sound character that any man, woman or child could aspire and look up to. Jodie Foster is strong. She knows how to handle and conduct herself. She keeps her private life private. She is not forced into any decision of any kind personal or otherwise. One can tell that she won't stand for mediocrity. She will stand her ground and accept the best. She is confident - in herself, in her decisions, in the directions that she takes, the roles she accepts. She has had an unwavering career due mostly in part of the smart choices that she makes. She is a passionate individual. She knows what she wants and knows that she has to put in in order to get out. She welcomes challenges. I swear that if any woman ever says anything negative to me about her I will be likely to punch her in the face. And if a man attempts it, I will be likely to poke him in the eyes, punch him in the face and kick him squarely in the nuts. See, I'm passionate too. You don't want to cross me. With every performance Foster gets better and better. She draws her audience in deeper and deeper. That is the power of a true professional. That is the effect that only an adept, confident, well-seasoned actress will have on an audience.
There is something about Foster that I can't quite put my fingers on but whatever it is, it makes me weak, it makes my pulse race, it makes me sweat, it makes me giddy, it makes me excited, it makes me (I'll jut come right out and say it) lustful, it sends my mind to wishful happy places. If I were to choose one word to describe Jodie it would have to be achiever. Jodie Foster is an achiever in every sense of the word. At age 3 she made her debut in a Coppertone suntan lotion television commercial. She graduated as valedictorian in 1980 from Lycée Français de Los Angeles. She Graduated magma cum laude from Yale University in 1985 with a B.A. in literature. She is fluent in French and German. She is one of the most successful actresses in the business and she has never taken even one acting lesson. She made her television debut in 1968 in Mayberry R.F.D and her movie debut in 1970 in Menace on the Mountain. She successfully made the transition from child to adult actress. So far in her career she has won 3 BAFTA Awards, 2 Golden Globes Awards, 2 Saturn Awards, 1 Screen Actors Guild Award and 1 Academy Award. Her wins total 37 in all with an additional 19 nominations. Jodie has produced 7 films to date and directed 3. When Jodie chooses to be in a movie you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be a box office smash. She improves with every film. If you know (of) Foster then it is most likely because of the following films - Taxi Driver, The Accused, The Silence of the Lambs (awesome movie/excellent performance), Maverick, Contact, Anna and the King, Panic Room (2 thumbs up and her highest grossing film to date - over $30m opening weekend), Flightplan (I really love this movie), Inside Man (this one too), The Brave One (and this one three). Foster is such an amazing achiever that in 1998 and asteroid was named in her honor - 17744 JodieFoster. In 1997 she received an honorary doctorate from Yale University (Fine Arts). She is also the recipient of an Honorary Degree from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. In 1975 Foster was the youngest (14 yrs) host of Saturday Night Live; she was succeeded by Drew Barrymore in 1982 (7 yrs). We all know that she's not done with us yet. She is a creative genius and I can't wait for anything that she has to offer. Jodie Foster is a woman who I profoundly admire. I hold her in the highest esteem. She has my utmost respect and admiration. Having said all that, I must reiterate that I find Jodie Foster to be one of the hottest most desirable women on the planet. Entertainment Weekly sums up very succinctly the way I feel about her. "Tough. Sexy. Smart. Classy. She's the Antidote To Everything You Hate About Hollywood." My sentiments exactly! Except I would have added, Hot, Addictive, Desirable, Swoon-Inducing and the rest of the words I will just keep to myself. There is just one thing about Jodie Foster that boggles my mind. How the hell does a 5' 3½" (1.61 m) woman have fingers this tall? Seriously, how is that possible? Now don't behave as if I'm the only one who noticed this.

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  1. I'm going to start following your blog, only because I love Jodie Foster, and loved looking at her with you. I look forward to more sexy women to share!