Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Proverbial Sweater & Jammies

I was kinda undecided on what /who my blog should be about today so I spent a little time mulling it over. And low and behold it came to me! These are the times when the days and especially nights are colder. So what better way to bring some comfort to one and all who are affected than by presenting via this blog women looking are cozy and cuddly wearing the proverbial sweater and/or jammies (PJs). Consider this a pre-Christmas treat for today I bring you not just one gorgeous woman wearing comfy bedtimish attire but several of these beauties. Yes! It must be Christmas time! Hooray for the holidays! Yes, I know, I feel you too; even I am excited about this. These lovely kittens make knitted garments the hottest thing since sliced bread was invented. Looking at them all wrapped up in these knits will make you so hot it will feel like the sun is shining directly on your skin. If your thermostat is broken, hey just forget the damn thing, you won't need it; not with these hotties all up on your computer screen in your living room, den, office or wherever. Do you trust me? Have I ever steered you wrong? Has my judgment calls not been good? And for the umpteenth time - don't I know sexy when I see it? If the answer to all the above isn't yes, then I will hunt you down it just proves that you can't please all the people all the time. Now on with the show. You have already been introduced to Teri Hatcher. She recently celebrated her 44th birthday a couple weeks ago (Dec. 8). She's hot, she's sexy and Desperate Housewives would not be the same without. Charlize Theron - This 33 year old South African dreamboat can cause a sand-storm on the stillest day in the Sahara Desert. All she has to do is just stand anywhere near it (she doesn't even have to be in it) and lift her dress or skirt halfway above her knees and voilà! Instant sandstorm!! Catherine Zeta-Jones - ooh la la is all I can say. Is there more to be said of this British siren? Her sultry sexiness makes me break out in sweats. Hell, I'll walk the plank for that woman. I'd jump through hoops lined with fire even. Did the temperature just go up a few notches? Why am I so warm all of a sudden? Emmanuelle Vaugier - Aw shucks. How cute is this little foxy thing? Cute+hot is quite a rare combination but this 32 year old Canadian head-turner does it effortlessly. Vaugier is finer than any perfectly aged bottle of wine. Mmm mmm mmm. Let me take you out to dinner then I'm sure we can figure out something for dessert afterwards. You don't need to be slaving over no hot stove. In fact, let me cook for you. Rebecca Romijn - Hot Damn! What a woman! Rebecca. Rebecca. Rebecca. Even when Romijn has the power of invincibility (X-Men Trilogy) you still can't help but notice her! The curves, the legs, the lips... Rebecca just one favor please - do the Naomi Campbell walk across the room; just strut that stuff all over the place. My nights already feel warmer and it's not even night yet. Nicole Kidman - She's 41, she's married, she's a mom, she's Australian and she's too darn thin most of the times but dammit the woman is gorgeous. She can get into my bed on any cold night (or day) or we can just forget the cold altogether. She definitely can fill the dim chill room with a radiant warm glow. Michelle Rodriguez - Though born in Texas, her mom is a native of the Dominican Republic and her dad is a native of Puerto Rico. Can this woman light my fire? Bet your bottom dollar. Can she light yours? I'll bet my bottom dollar on it! She brings the heat and I'd definitely get Lost with her somewhere; anywhere for that matter. Lost in her arms, lost in love, lost in Brazil, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Bora Bora... Maggie Grace - I definitely feel all fuzzy and cuddly. In fact, is there room for me under that sweater? I'm sure the material will stretch a little. I don't need that much room; just enough. If I'm gonna get Lost, I might as well through in Maggie. Why not? Three isn't always a crowd you know. Téa Leoni - This is a woman who I've crushed on since the moment I laid eyes on her. I'd lay down my coat so she could step over a puddle. She was hot when I first laid eyes on her and today at age 42 the woman is sizzling! The can be no cold not even the slightest little chill if Leoni is in my room. Just look at the woman, she's my beauty queen. Come to my room and tell me your dreams so that they can be mine too; let me be there, to help them come true. That's all I'll Ever Ask. Kelly Ripa - Heck this sweater, knit, PJ thingy is so awesome even Kelly Ripa wants in. Can you blame her? I think not. I couldn't resist Kelly. Just look at her, isn't she cute in the blue thingy? Doesn't it warm you up just a bit? Kelly that sweater works for me. It looks real good on you. Mila Kunis - Ah *sweet sighs*, where do I begin? She brings a warm smile to my face; yes she does. I'm a sucker for Family Guy (does the voice of Meg Griffin) so it doesn't take much. The fact that the woman is lovely eye-candy basically makes me a push-over. This 25 year old Ukrainian cutie will definitely warm the sheets. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen - If ever I need to be Saved by the Bell or to hook up in Beverly Hills (90210), then there's no doubt Thiessen will be the one I call upon. She wooed me back in the days and I'd certainly curl up in front of the fireplace with her. And if I'm still a little chilly, all I'll need to do is looking into those sexy eyes of hers. Vanessa Hudgens - Come to my window or just knock three times on the ceiling if you want me. We could just sit around and drink hot chocolate or warm apple cider or something. I know for sure she would definitely take the edge off. Bethany Joy Galeotti (formerly Lenz) - She can use her voice to set the tone (nice quiet warm) then use her acting skills to help our team win at charades. Yes we'll invite friends over, perform sing-a-longs, play charades, have something to eat then get rid of the friends *smiles*. How does that sound to you? Julia Roberts - If that big smile of yours doesn't do it, then I'm absolutely sure that we will not be short of ways to heat things up. Why there's wrestling, play-fighting, chasing each other around the room, tickling or even sexercising. And if all that doesn't work or for some reason you don't want to do those things, there's no heat like body heat (you get mine and I get yours) *wink*. Elizabeth Hurley - My girl Liz; my British Bombshell Liz, my Hottie Liz *contented sighs*. Hot Liz in a plain white sweater; not even that can cool her hotness. A mere sweater? Pppfff - not possible. Elizabeth Hurley is hot no matter what! Piper Perabo - On any given cold night, yes my love, I Imagine Me & You. I imagine you curled up against me. I imagine me holding you close. I imagine you using your nose to sniff my neck. I imagine me liking it very much. I imagine me and you doing things beyond our imagination. And that's all I'm saying. And you know what Lena Headey can come too. Salma Hayek - Heck, I did say there was PJs involved right? Well here it is. And let me just state this for the record - if Salma Hayek were with me on any cold night (or day) in my bedroom, this is exactly what I'd be doing just before or maybe after doing some much more pleasurable things.


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