Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kate Walsh Adds Sunshine To My Day

Did you read yesterday's post? Well just in case you didn't let me just lay it on the line for you about the women I'm blogging about this week. You see I've been having some tough times lately; times that have left me tired, fatigued and mentally as well as physically drained. So what I've decided to do this week is call on my love angels who can always (no matter what the circumstance) make me feel better. So without further ado, let me present to you one of the loves of my life, Kathleen Erin Walsh. Kate Walsh can add sunlight to my day by flashing me one of those super sexy smiles. She can drive the blues away just by brushing strands of hair from her face and pushing them behind her ears. Do I sound totally love-sick? If I do, it's because I am. Kate... ah.... Kate *sighs*. Many are the days when I enter the room dedicated to you and sit, stare and absorb your beauty for hours upon hours. Long are the nights that I lie in bed and fall asleep with thoughts of you in my head. Sweet are the mornings when I awake with a smile on my face because I spent the night dreaming about you. *more sighs* There is no denying that Walsh is stunningly beautiful. She is strikingly gorgeous. There is something about her; something in her eyes that soothe me *sighs again*. She is sexy beyond words. Yes, most definitely, Kate makes me better. There's something enigmatic about Walsh; something that you can't quite put your fingers on. This mysterious aura about her only amplifies her sexiness. She has a look that is absolutely exciting and titillating to the senses. Kate can get inside your head and provoke and tease your sensual emotions with very little effort, if any at all. She was born in San Jose, California but grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Her most noted role to date has been that of Dr. Addison Montgomery on the ABC's Grey's Anatomy and the subsequent spin-off Private Practice. In the early 1980s she spent time in Japan where she worked as a model. She is very likely also known for her role as Nicki Fifer on The Drew Carey Show (1997). She appeared as Carey's girlfriend. This was her first major television role. She made several other appearances on varied television programs in supporting or bit parts. She made her film debut in 1995 in the crime drama Normal Life where she played the role of Cindy Anderson. Her other films include The Family Man, Anatomy of a Breakup, Peppermills, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part 2, Kicking & Screaming and Bewitched. Walsh came under my radar in 2003 when she appeared in Under the Tuscan Sun which also starred Diane Lane and Sandra Oh (fellow Grey's co-star). Walsh is currently involved in the filming of the second season of Private Practice and you can also look forward to seeing her in two up-coming movies. One Way to Valhalla is a drama that is slated for release some time next year and Legion (a biblical based drama/horror/thriller) is due for release on January 22, 2010. Walsh bears a striking resemblance to and has often been compared to iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve. Walsh is somewhat of a social and political activist. She campaigned for Obama in Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Pennsylvania. On September 18, 2008 she was elected to serve on the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) National Board for a three year term. Walsh is also a spokesperson for Narcolepsy Network, working to promote national awareness of narcolepsy. Kate, thank you for making me better. *even more sighs*