Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keri Hilson I Got A Thing For You

I'm being totally serious when I make it publicly known that I've got a thing for Keri Hilson. In fact that is a huge understatement! I am so into Keri that I can't even sleep at nights. Keri makes me and my TV shake and shiver. Her sexiness raises my body temperature to immeasurable heights. Before watching her video for Energy, I have to issue a stern warning to my hands to be STILL. But I'm afraid that cautioning is not enough because by the time she sings the first line of the song I have to put the fur-lined cuffs on myself. By the time she gets to the end of the first verse, I don't know what happens but all I know is that my hands are free and trying to do things I did not instruct them to do. So it is at this point that I pull out the straight jacket and strap myself in for the rest of the video. But alas, by the time she's through with the chorus, I'm free again. And the way I see it, what is to be must be so I let it. And by 'it' I mean I lustfully try to caress her hot body through my television screen I just relax and enjoy the rest of the video. What did you think I was talking about? Where did your mind go? Shame on you! Now Keri Hilson let me just say this to you, "Forget that dude who's taking all of your energy. He's a chump, a fool, an idiot and a loser. I've got energy; in fact I have lots and lots and lots of it. Heck, I have energy till it's flowing out through my ears. Ask anyone and they'll confirm this. I wouldn't like to you. Energy = ME. Your energy + My energy = Nuclear Explosion of the most pleasurable and fulfilling kind. With me you will never ever have an energy problem. Moreover, I would never take your energy. On the contrary, I would give you limitless energy." Gosh darn, did I just write that? Note to self: Must learn not to write thoughts in a public place for all to read. Then, as if Energy was not enough, girlfriend shows up in with Gabrielle Union (Yes! MY Gabby) and for the love of all mankind - Laurel London in a video by and with the Golden Child himself, the Gentleman, the Guy with the Midas Touch - Ne-Yo. This combination is proof-positive that there is a god! And Miss London, don't you worry your pretty little ass dimples about anything, I've got my eyes on you. (Anyone who sends me hot pics of Miss L will get a turn with me around the dance floor). Now where was I? Who is the blog about again? Ah yeah, Keri. Having Keri Hilson, Laurel London and Gabrielle Union mentioned in the same blog and moreover in the same sentence/paragraph has sent such strong shockwaves to my brain that it has become difficult to keep my thoughts clear and in order. If you haven't seen both these videos, you are depriving yourself. Go out and view Energy and Miss Independent and get with the program or more like raise your body temperature. I must caution you that you should seriously prepare and brace yourself for the Energy video. If you don't, I can almost guarantee that you'll be spending some quality time up close and personal with your floor, or end up taking a very long cold shower or mopping up drool or your floor and/or television screen. Keri Lynn Hilson of Atlanta, Georgia is first and foremost a songwriter who is a member of The Clutch (a group of writers and producers). She has written songs for and sang backup for several artists including Britney Spears, Ciara, Usher and Ludacris. Most recently she has become a lead solo R&B singer. Just before goingg solo, you would have mainly caught site of Hilson in a number of music videos including Usher's video for Love in This Club, Ne-Yo' video for Miss Independent and Nelly's video for Party People. She has also teamed up vocally with a number of artists, the main one being Timbaland (Get It Girl, The Way I Are and Scream). She has collaborations with Chris Brown (Superhuman and Forever), Kardinal Offishall (Numba 1 {Tide Is High}) as well as Rich Boy (Lost Girls and Good Things). After being pushed back several times, a full release of her debut solo album (In A Perfect World) is set for early 2009. Now excuse me while I go watch the video for Energy for the umpteenth time cool off. I feel some sweat on my brows.

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