Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slym Pickings Turns One!!!

This post is just about 3 days and a few hours late but you know what they say, 'better late than never'. Now I know what you're thinking, 'shame on you Slym, how could you forget your own Anniversary?' Shame indeed, is what I say. Did I forget my anniversary? Like hell I didn't! Well..., hmmm, how do I put this? The date of my anniversary I certainly did not forget. As my anniversary approached I did remember. But the actual day, well dammit, yes I forgot the actual day. Hey it's not like I just sit around looking at the calendar counting the darn days! Ok, Ok, I admit it (happy now?). Slym Pickings turned One *yes 1 woo hoo!!* last Friday (23 January 2009). And damn, I really cannot believe that a year has passed! I can hardly believe that I've been doing this for a year! It is unbelievable that a year has passed by so quickly!!! Am I excited? Can I contain myself (even though it is a bit late)? I'll tell you this much, I can't seem to keep a smile off my face. And folks that says a lot. I am very pleased with what I've done. I'm extremely proud of the journey I've made. It has been very rewarding so far. On this (past due) date that I celebrate; it would be remiss of me to not give credit and express sincere appreciation to a few people. A little over a year ago Scribegrrl of AfterEllen casually asked me to write a piece after I had sent a tidbit to her and she was swamped and hadn't enough time to follow it up. I quite seriously but in a joking manner told her that I was no writer. But being the brave soul that I am and always being up for a challenge, I wrote the piece. I almost got a heart attack when the said piece was published. A subsequent piece followed and I think by then I was bitten by the blog bug. Thoughts and ideas for pieces kept popping into my head as I tried to sleep, as I ate, as I walked, etc, etc. The next thing I knew I couldn't stop thinking and thinking and thinking. Then I started jotting things down and then I started to look at pictures. Then on that faithful day on January 23, 2008 Slym Pickings was born. I guess you can say that I haven't stopped since. Hey, here I am a year after still at it. Granted, I have had my moments where it's been difficult to find time to do it (like right about now) but you can rest assured that Slym Pickings won't be going away anytime soon (not if I can help it). However, my deepest appreciation must go to Y-O-U my readers, followers and fans. I did not start blogging for the audience; not at all. Slym Pickings has become my baby, my release, my escape. We all have those days when we are stretched to our limits (some more than others) and just as Slym Pickings has become my reprieve, my only hope is that it can do the same for others. I keep it light here as you can see. No news, no pop culture, no gossip, no negativity and stuff like that. The way I see it, there are oodles and oodles of other media doing this on the daily. I'm sick and tired of bad news, negative news and other stories that are so readily printed, shown and published. But enough of my ramblings; THANK YOU, YOU, YOU and Y-O-U for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the vast blogosphere. I don't keep Slym Pickings going for just myself anymore; you all are now an added reason when I take the time to sit down and put my whims and fantasies together ;-). It would be rather remiss of me to complete my 'thank yous' without thanking my friend Dorothy over at Surrenders. She is a very kind awesome gal and a hell of a writer. She did not hesitate to add a link to my blog over on her magnificent site and now some of her fans have become some of mine. To every other blogger and site administrators who have been so kind to link my site to theirs, I sincerely thank you. And to the one who keeps an eye out (especially when I'm tired or haven't enough time) to ensure that my 'I's are dotted and my 'T's crossed, I thanks ya ;-). Your humble dreamer, Slym