Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Audrey Tautou: Simple.Subtle.Beautiful

I don't possess an extensive reserve of information about Audrey Tautou; however there is one thing that I can honestly proclaim and that is; of what I do know, I think Audrey Tautou is a splendid woman and very talented actress. Audrey has established herself as a well noted actress in France and to another extent in the USA as well as other countries. She is intelligent. She is candid. She is smart. She is confident. She has a terrific sense of humor and loves comedy. She has a serious side which she does not let overshadow her more dominant lighter, laid back side. Tautou knows what she wants so she does not have to spend time pursuing anything that she does not want. Tautou is adorable, she's funny and she enjoys the arts and culture. She is, like so many other French actresses and actors, loyal to her beloved country. She does not have a strong desire to become another Hollywood actress. She is not against doing Hollywood movies though. Her allegiance is to France. This is confirmed by the following statement she made to Stevie Wong of The Straits Times, "I am, at the end of the day, a French actress. I am not saying I will never shoot an English-language movie again, but my home, my community, my career is rooted in France. I would never move to Los Angeles". Audrey Justine Tautou is best known internationally for her role of playing the title character in the 2001 award-winning French film Amélie and her role as Agent Sophie Neveu in the 2006 thriller The Da Vinci Code where she starred alongside Tom Hanks, Ian McKellen and Jean Reno. She won the Best Young Actress Award in the ninth `Jeune Comedien de Cinema Festival' in Bezier in 1998. She made her television debut in 1996 in Coeur de cible. In that same year she had her first film appearance in La Vieille barrière. She has to her credit a total of 29 television and film projects. Two of her most recent projects being Hors de prix (2006) and Ensemble, c'est tout (2007). She will play the lead role in Coco avant Chanel (currently being filmed) opposite Alessandro Nivola. Some women have faces that are made for magazines; some for television and others for portraits. In my humble opinion, Audrey Tautou has the face for all of the above. I certainly would never get bored if I were to look through a magazine filled with pictures of this earthy French beauty. I would not lose interest if I had to sit through a marathon of Tautou movies and I definitely would never tire of visiting an art gallery with this beautiful actress' portraits on display. I like the fact that Tautou could easily pass herself off as the simple 'girl next door'. I like it even more that she could just as easily fit the role of the 'classic beauty of yesteryear'. And it could very well be an understatement to say that I especially 'like' that Audrey Tautou could hold her own against any 'sexy icon' in her path. Tautou is a woman of many faces; all of them beautiful, sexy, charming, somewhat provocative at times and alluring. I like the cool confidence that she emanates; it's not bold, however you can't miss it. It's there in her eyes. It's also present in her playful, girlish yet sexy smile. Some photographers have also been successful in capturing it in body language in some of their photographs. I like the hint of teasing that she displays. Yes, subtle can be ultra sexy. It has been my pleasure to bring to the fore Exhibit A - the lovely, ever present, light-hearted and unmistakably adorable (dimpled) French beauty - Miss Audrey Justine Tautou. I will close with some personal quotes that highlight the many sides of Miss Tautou.
Personal Quotes "I wouldn't mind being in an American film for a laugh, but I certainly don't want to be in Thingy Blah Blah 3, if you know what I mean."
"I show through my movies that I can do something else. But I always play strong-minded characters. I think it's maybe because I'm like that. I love being by myself."
"I'm a tomb when it comes to my personal life. I never give even a mote of dust of that away." "Hollywood doesn't need me. After 'Amélie,' I didn't get any offers that interested me. I have very eclectic tastes, but it's important for me that a movie be sensitive, clever and subtle." "I think it's very difficult for French people to work in Hollywood because it's such a huge industry, and to be able to create some space for yourself is a hard job. Plus, the language doesn't help. You can work almost only as a foreign character. Then there's the French film industry, which is not amazingly well, but is able to finance big productions. We have wonderful directors - they might not be as famous as Steven Spielberg, but they bring me so much pleasure." "I believe in God, but I am not sure to trust Him so much."


  1. She's amazing and one of France best actresses (After Monica Bellucci in my opinion:) ).
    Great post by the way, like your blog a lot. Found it while surfing.

  2. Ugh what am I saying, Bellucci is italian.. to tired I guess.

    Hey by the way, do you know if there any way I can get a hold of Audrey Tautous movie "Hors de Prix" somewhere online? Feels like I've looked everywhere. It's such a great movie!

  3. hmmm...she doesn't blow my whistles...

  4. i wonder if you'll ever notice my post^^

    but you can find the movie on watch-movies-links.net..psst ;)

  5. hey,
    I love Audrey Tautou, i've just put her done as one of my icons on my blog- check it out: http:lotstanford.blogspot.com

  6. Thanks for this tribute! Audrey is the all time winner. Sweet with hauntily pure soul-scanning eyes ... the girl next door doesn'[t get any better than this. Choose her company over some crazy inflated boob, badly-drawn-fantasy-art chick pretending to be "nice"!!!

  7. I think Audrey is great, and since you do too, you should check out Gemma Arterton.

  8. I really like her, since I knew about her in the davinci code or whatever it's write.