Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rachel Weisz – Beauty in its Absolute Perfection

Rachel Weisz is undeniable proof and a harsh reminder that I am no damn writer. Or maybe that’s not altogether true. It’s just that I get overly excited at the thought of blogging about her! So much so, that all my thoughts run into one and get really jumbled. I can’t think straight; my thoughts aren’t clear, my heart does a double-take, my blood gets to pumping faster through my veins, I get giddy I tell you; I honestly do. I can’t focus. Her luscious kissable lips, the alluring, inviting, mysterious and deep penetrating sexy eyes… Have you stopped to admire the flawless lines of her face, the perfectness of her nose…? *sighs* Oh please, someone’s gotta help me. Her eyes put me under a spell. This enchanting beauty can control me with the snap of her fingers. Why… I don’t know if I’d even be able to stand up in presence. I’m pretty sure that my feet would fail me. She would very likely be looking down and talking to me as I’m on the floor. Am I the only one so utterly affected by this ultra seductive British sexpot? She can reduce me to mush by locking me into her gaze. I swear that while all others were born, Rachel Weisz was sculpted. Her beauty is too perfect to have been created any other way. The world’s most masterful sculptor was enlisted to create the flawless belle that is Rachel Weisz. She has lovely voluptuous breasts, her cheeks are immaculately symmetrical, the curve of her hips is impeccable and her skin tone is superbly untarnished. Believe when I tell you that it is proving difficult for me to blog about this stunning attractive bombshell; very difficult (bold). I cannot describe her as hot (not that she isn’t because she is), it’s just that her sexiness is just awe inspiringly prominent so you are automatically drawn to it and every other trait takes a back seat. Rachel Weisz is one of the SEXIEST women not just alive today but in history. There is something about her that is exquisitely and intriguingly sophisticated. What I wouldn’t give to have her on my arm as we walk into a formal function. It would be priceless to have the experience of watching the reaction and facial expression of everyone in attendance upon our entrance. One can but dream… *more sighs*. When I look or think of her all that comes to mind is mmm, mmm, mmm. I look at her and sexy is all I see. I need to lock myself away in a quiet room away from everyone and everything else. If anyone dares to interrupt me while preparing this blog, I will hurt them in a major way. Seriously! I need all of my focus, energy and attention directed solely at this woman. Weisz has got to be one of the most attractive women to have graced the face of the earth. I am repeating myself? Can I help it? I already told you I’m cuckoo about her. This is no minor obsessive admiration; no, not at all this is major. This is major in an ‘I can’t eat because of you’ kinda way; like ‘I would attempt to separate the salt from all the seas of the earth’ to show my fixation with you; like ‘I will fly you to the moon and back’ to prove that I’m worthy of being seen with you even just for 5 minutes. One other thing that I find admirable about Weisz is that she’s not your stereotypical size two actress and it doesn’t bother her in the least. She is totally unaffected by what the expected size of today’s actress should be. She is all woman and she celebrates it. This is one thing/trait in Weisz that cannot be missed. I cannot speak for anyone else, but any woman who exudes so much comfort in her own skin instantly raises her sex appeal and gets an A+ from me. Weisz has established herself as one of the most successful and talented actresses of her time. And there is no doubt that this 38 year old actress has a compelling screen presence. She is super talented. A fact that is proven by the wide range of roles that she has successful played. She has done romance, adventure, drama, thriller and even comedy. In fact my most favorite line of all time comes from a very comedic moment in The Mummy. I smile every single time I recall it. It’s comes from the scene where she gets drunk and decides to get more acquainted with Brendan Frasier’s character. She sits next to him and says, "I bet you're wondering what is a place like me doing in a girl like this?" That line was perfectly delivered. Her performance in this movie and its sequel was superb and totally enjoyable. She has so far won 6 awards and has had an additional 10 nominations. Her wins include an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (2005), the 2006 Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, the 2006 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, the London Critics Circle Film Awards and British Independent Film Awards for her performance in Fernando Meirelles's The Constant Gardener. Personal Quotes "You just have to play every scene honestly and forget about a reaction and what the audience is going to think. I think the more seriously you take something, the more funny it might be." "I sometimes do worry that actors are people's role models, you know. And doctors and teachers and people doing really important things just get paid nothing. And they put us on the cover of magazines. They should be our heroes. I find it all a bit dubious." "You know what, I have faith in people. I think people want to see something new and different. They don't want to see anything that they've seen before. They don't want to have it worked out in the first 10 minutes how it will end. I think people are really smart and sophisticated." "'Oh God, don't make me come across as a moaner. I think it's unacceptable to moan about anything when you're lucky enough to do what I do. What I'm trying to say is I'm more settled now. The thirties have calmed me down. I know who my real friends are, I know what I want to do. In your twenties, you just do everything. It's just overload all the time. In the thirties, you learn that it's OK to go to bed early if you want." ''Los Angeles makes you feel ugly. I'm not going to pretend I haven't secretly wanted to be super-skinny, because all girls do.But I have a woman's body, not a boy's body. Most women do and should feel proud of their butts and their breasts and their bellies.''


  1. Hiya there! I'm just going to de-lurk to comment and say, you put into words something that I rarely get to express. Cheers for blogging about Rachel, she was actually my "Realisation" crush, that is to say, I saw her in Mummy 1 and realised (through crushing on her) that I'm a giant lesbot. One might say with good reason! M'kay take it easy and keep up the good work!

  2. For me she's cute, that's it in the personal opinion of a men seeing something beautiful.