Friday, March 27, 2009

Hottie Friday: Anastacia

The first thing I need to do is apologize for the lack of activity on my blog (I know I've done this several times over but I feel the need to do it once more). The second thing I need to do is let you know that Hottie Friday could not exist without this week's hottie being included on the list! And I know what's coming; Why Slym, Why? And here's the very simple answer: Because Anastacia Lyn Newkirk is So Fucking Hot! That's the answer plain and simple. I know what you're thinking; 'Slym, you are so shallow'. Hey! I beg to differ. It's Friday, it's been a long week AND.... Anastacia Lyn Newkirk is So Fucking Hot! Now, don't get me wrong, just because Hottie Friday is all about hotness does not mean that there isn't a whole lot more to this astonishing singer and songwriter who is internationally known as ' The Little Lady with The Big Voice'. This sexpot is not just another pretty face; hell no! Why, this amazing beauty, whose trademark is her signature purple shades, can hit notes in the range of C3 - C6/D6 in a full voice range all the way into Soprano tessitura. In other words, this powerfully gifted and talented songstress with her edgy soulful voice can sing you into infinity and beyond (I can't help it if I'm just a big kid who enjoys kids' movies I like Toy Story). Now before I launch into the umpteen reasons why Anastacia had to be on my hottie list, just let me throw some things at you and get them out of the way. If I don't do it now, then the only thing contained in the post would be hot, hot, hot, hot, wow and *thud*! Anastacia has so far produced 4 studio albums: Not That Kind (2000) - her most successful album to date, Freak of Nature (2001), Anastacia (2004) and Heavy Rotation (2008). She released one compilation album - Pieces of a Dream (2005) and is currently working on a fifth studio album that should be ready for release in 2010. One very interesting thing about this sexy hottie is that she has achieved huge international success, mainly in Australia and Europe, and just lukewarm success in her native home country of America. Her exhaustive list of awards and accomplishments has been mainly achieved in Europe. She owes a lot to the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC who helped her to land a record deal after she was the runner up in MTV's talent show, The Cut. So far in her career she has had 225 Platinum and Gold Album Awards, 37 other musical awards and 11 nominations. The wins are broken down as follows - 5 wins / 1 nomination - 2000, 12 wins / 1 nomination - 2001, 5 wins / 3 nominations - 2002, 1 nomination - 2002, 5 wins / 5 nominations - 2004, 9 wins - 2005 and 1 win 2009. This sexy vixen created her own limited clothing line (Limited Luxury) in collaboration with s. Oliver (2007) and her official perfume (Resurrection) via the web only in September 2006. Anastacia has two tattoos - an Egyptian symbol of eternal life surrounded by the sun on the small of her back and a large Celtic inspired design with wings higher up between her shoulder blades. She is a breast cancer survivor and is founder and creator of The Anastacia Fund. The organization's goal is to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of mammograms. She also supports other causes including a few dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. So now that we've gotten the official stuff out of the way, let's focus on the fact that it's Hottie Friday (YAY!). I think my next question is highly appropriate. How hot is Anastacia Newkirk?!!! What? Did I ask this already? So what if I did? Can I ask it of this smolderingly hot woman too many times? I think not! Since I'm on the subject of questions, let me ask some more. How sexy is this week's hottie? Does she make you swoon as she does me? What wouldn't you give to be that special someone in her life? The gods have been really good to grant us this drool-inducing, make-me-weak-in-the-knees, gorgeous, mind-blowing, got-to-have-you, sensational, sweltering, make-my-heart-skip-a-beat, provocative, seductive and voluptuous goddess. (Damn, is it proper to use that many adjectives *even made up ones* in the same sentence? Did I use them correctly? Do I even care if I did?) I need a breath after all that purging. I need a moment to calm my racing heart. Did I get it all out of my system? Some, yes; all, no. Is it even possible to get it all out? Hell no! Not when it has to do with Anastacia. And still my heart won't be calm. I need to end this right here before my mind takes me to other places and then I'll find myself in some serious trouble. So here's thanking you, you and you (yes again) for making Slym Pickings a site of choice to visit and spend a little time. I wish each and everyone a splendid weekend.