Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Andie MacDowell: This Must Be Love

I have a question. Is there a cut off age of being hot, gorgeous, undisputedly attractive or super sexy? If there is, and it is absolutely unthinkable that such a limitation exists, then someone failed to inform Andie MacDowell of this. And if the did notify her, then she is truly defiant (with my full approval). How old is this opulent American beauty of strong Scottish descent? She will be 51 hot and fabulous years old on April 21st, which is just 13 days away. So Andie here's wishing you the best of times when that day rolls around. Where do I begin? (Wow another question. I have of them today.) I think I'll start with the dark, luscious, silky, glowing and perfect hair. *Breathe Slym... breathe... stay calm... you've only just begun. Don't get carried away with your emotions... Just breathe... There now... yes... that's better.* Where was I? (And yet another question, what's up with me today?). There was something about hair... yes... right... ok. Then there are those sultry, inviting, sexy brown eyes *swoon*. She has eyes that totally captivate your inner senses *even more swoons*; dreamy, sensual, commanding, compelling and provocative eyes. *Slym, stop it! Focus... f-o-c-u-s. Blog Slym, blog.* Her nose *sigh* is so cute. Her lips; so perfectly shaped *chin in hands and more sighs*. Her smile, ooh her smile... *be still my beating heart; be strong my weak knees; don't fail me now. I need to finish this. I need a moment, or two, or three or more.* You know what, if I'm going to survive this, I need to shift gears so let's talk about her career and other things. Rosalie Anderson MacDowell is a model, actress and producer who is a native of Gaffney, South Carolina. She's the daughter of a music teacher and lumber executive and loves hiking and the out-doors. She has modeled for Vogue magazine, Yves Saint Laurent, Vassarette, Armani perfume, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Bill Bass and is the Spokesmodel for L'Oréal. She has made her rounds on the beautiful and sexy people's lists as well. She made her filmed debut in 1984 in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. Her other films include Sex, Lies, and Videotape for which she won an Independent Spirit Award and a Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, Hudson Hawk, The Object of Beauty, Short Cuts for which she won a Golden Globe Award and a Venice Film Festival Award and Multiplicity. Her two most successful films to date are Groundhog Day for which she won a Saturn Award and Four Weddings and A Funeral which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. It was in this latter film that I developed an obsession with the actress. In total the actress has had three Golden Globe nominations and has won a total of seven awards. These include an Honorary César and a Golden Camera Award. Both of these were won in 1997. MacDowell received a Medal of Honor in Arts from the Winthrop University on 22 October 2004 and a Doctor of Letters degree from Lander University, S.C. for her dedication to the Children's Health Center on 8 May 2001. You can look forward to seeing her in The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (post production) where she will share the screen with Elisha Cuthbert, Tim Allen and Paz Vega (ooh ooh Vega). The 5th Quarter (post production) will see her in the leading role opposite Aidan Quinn and As Good As Dead (post production) will cast her with the likes of Brian Cox and Gary Elwes. Hey look, I've given the facts and all that stuff. Can I please get back to the doting, lustful, longing and desirable stuff now? *Did I write all those things? OMG! I think I need help.* I was smitten by Andie from the very first moment I laid eyes on her and I'm sure it's no secret that I still am, n fact, hopeless so. I admit it. I confess it. I declare it. There, I feel so much more liberated now. Confession (though mine are so public) is definitely good for the soul. When I think of MacDowell, I fall into a state of blissful reverie. I see stars (in my eyes and floating around my head), I see love birds and I see little red hearts... This must be love.


  1. what a beautiful women.

  2. love her. good actor and a natural-looking exotic beauty. I ADORE curls and square jaws!!