Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chanté Keeps Giving Me Moore

I'm sitting here with my fingers hovered over the keys trying to decide how to start this post. What do I say? How do I say it? I'm not kidding. I developed, and to this day still have, a major crush on Moore. Chanté Torrane Moore is a fine woman. She is a gorgeous woman. Thoughts of her make me giddy. She gets more beautiful and sexy with age. I am beside myself with how I feel about this woman. Believe me when I say it, when I fell for her I was convinced that it was impossible to fall any harder or deeper. I tell you now, I was wrong. In fact, I couldn't be more wrong. If you only knew how many times I would stay up to watch Midnight Love on BET. I would be tired like hell the next day but I couldn't miss it because Chanté more likely than not would be featured. Take note of the 'more likely than not' because sometimes she wouldn't be on but it was worth it for the times that she was. Have any of you seen the video for It's Alright? Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm. It's my favorite Chanté video. Ah man... Chanté... white spaghetti strap dress (I say dress but it looks very much like a nightgown and if it isn't, it doesn't matter because this is what I see when I look at or think of it). **sighs** Chanté Moore... **more sighs**. I've totally lost track of all I intended to say *even more sighs*. This is the effect that Moore has on me. I get all dreamy... lost in my thoughts... ooh the thoughts... Where was I? This is not an easy composition. I am seriously taking 3 - 5 minute pauses to recover. Moore has a daughter, Sophia, with ex-husband Kadeem Hardison *how he could let her get away is beyond me* and a son, Kenny, with singer husband Kenny Lattimore. Her music falls into the R&B and Jazz genres. She's a former model and beauty pageant contestant. In 1992, she released her first album, Precious. The debut album went gold. She followed up with A Love Supreme in 1994 and This Moment Is Mine in 1999, both these albums were also certified gold. My favorite Moore songs include I See You In A Different Light *this is my most favorite of all* with Jojo Hailey of K-Ci and Jojo from her This Moment Is Mine album. This song was featured in the move Love And Basketball and is a true ballad as far as ballads go. Another song that is a great contender for most favorite of all is the upbeat, mid-tempo, head-bopping, finger snapping and all round feel good tune, Straight Up off of her 2001 album, Exposed. Your Home Is In My Heart, done with Boys II Men for the How Stella Got Her Groove Back soundtrack is another song that gets played out by me, even still today. Other songs that come to mind are It's Alright (this is the song/video that captured my attention and brings back a surge of memories of falling head over heels for Moore - it holds a very special meaning for me), Old School Lovin', Love's Taken Over, Chanté's Got a Man and You Don't Have To Cry. Moore has sold over 5 million albums and singles throughout her career. Her 2003 album, Things That Lovers Do has been her highest ranking album on the Billboard Charts so far. I think I'll just sit here for a while and soak up all of the goodness, hotness, sultry sexiness, scrumptious, exquisite, smooth, sensuous and magnificent beauty that is Chanté Moore *sighs.......* just look at that rear......mmm mmm mmm...*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leather Leather Everywhere!

Since I am quite pressed for time, I thought I'd put on a little show today. I think the mood and tone are just right for the parade is about to follow. It's one of those days where I feel a little restless; I just can't seem to get into the groove of anything that I need to do. So the way I see it, I need a fixer-uperrer (see what I mean, I can't even come up with the appropriate words so I'm making them up as I go along). What's a fixeruperrer? That's easy; it's something (or someone) that fixes everything. It's something that will cheer you up if you're down in the dumps; something that will brighten a gloomy day; something that will calm the turbulence or discomfort... You see what I mean, right? So in the spirit of all things that need fixing, fix you eyes on these stunningly beautiful and hot fixeruppers. Feast your eyes on the cast of Coyote Ugly. Trust me, there's nothing unsightly about these hotties. From top clockwise - Izabella Miko (Save The Last Dance 2, The Shore, Crashing, Dark Streets), Maria Bello (ER, The Sisters, Nothing Is Private, The Jane Austen Book Club), Bridget Moynahan (Whipped, Serendipity, Gray Matters, Six Degrees), Piper Perabo (Lost And Delirious, Imagine Me & You, Because I Said So, The Prestige), Tyra Banks (The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model). Scarlett Johansson - The Horse Whisperer, In Good Company, The Black Dahlia, The Nanny Diaries. She is so working it. Tyra 'Mmm Mmm Good' Banks - Super 'super' model, America's Next Top Model, True Beauty, The Tyra Banks Show. Rachel Stevens - S Club 7, Suzie Gold, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Glendogie Bogey. Meg 'Keeps on Going and Going' Ryan - One of my early crushes; I love me some Meg - Innerspace, Sleepless In Seattle, Hanging Up, Proof of Life (one of my most favorite movies of all time). Lena 'Makes Me Walk With My Tongue Hanging Out, I've Been Very Naughty' Headey - Words fail me; woof woof is all that comes to mind - Possession, Imagine Me & You, 300, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Naomi Watts - Flirting, The Custodian, Mulholland Dr., The Painted Veil. Nicole 'Sizzling, Make Me Sweat' Scherzinger - Lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls. Meow! Kelly 'I'm In Love With You' Rowland - Original member of Destiny's Child, Solo R&B Artist, Super smooth hottie. Katie 'I Still Can't Believe You're With Him' Holmes - The Ice Storm, Teaching Mr. Tingle, Phone Booth, Mad Money. Jennifer 'Oh What An Ass' Love Hewitt - Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Truth About Love, Ghost Whisperer. Jodie 'I Will Take Out Your Trash And Clean Your House Just To Be Close To You' Foster -Panic Room, The Silence of the Lambs, Flightplan, The Brave One, Inside Man. Jennifer Morrison - Miracle on 34th Street, Girl Fever, Surviving Christmas, House M.D. Halle 'I Could Never Stop Loving You' Berry - Boomerang, Executive Decision, X-Men, Things We Lost In The Fire. Stacy Ann "Fergie" Ferguson - Former lead singer of The Black Eyed Peas, Solo Artist. Famke 'Come And Get Me' Janssen - Golden Eye, Hide And Seek, Turn The River, Taken. Angelina 'I Don't See What All The Fuss Is About' Jolie - The Bone Collector, Girl Interrupted, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Alicia 'Save The Best For Last, I Have The Hots For You, I Would Do Anything For You, You Are One of THE Hottest Women In the World, I Need You In My Life, I Will Lust After You Forever' Keys - *sigh* - child prodigy, pianist extraordinaire, superb R&B singer, entrepreneur, humanitarian, gorgeous bombshell.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caterina Murino: Give Me Just One Night

Caterina, Caterina... I have but one request If only for one night would you please be my guest It would be not only an honor but a pleasure indeed To wine you, dine you; fulfill your every need There's no explaining why the sight of you makes my thoughts go crazy My heart races, my body gets excited, Caterina, will you please have my baby? Ok, I know it, there should be a limit; I did say for one night only But I know after one night, you won't want to leave me We could travel the world together, go wherever you'd like Drive fast cars, go boating, ride through serene countrysides on a motorbike Paris, Bangkok, Australia, Mexico, China, the Caribbean, Rome You name the place to settle and we'll make it our home It won't matter in the least where we decide we want to stay As long as I'm with you, I'm happy, blissful, joyful and gay The curve of your back, your silky, beautiful, perfect hair You've got the body of a vixen, don't blame me; I can't help to always stare I'll give you my heart, body, mind, soul... whatever you desire All that I need is for you to help quench this ever burning fire That rages on deep inside of me whenever I think of you I've taken cold showers, watched my favorite show; I don't know what else to do To all my fans who've stayed with me through thick and thin I express a heartfelt thank you and give a nudge on the chin You are all so patient and so totally good to me Things are crazy for me now, but I do my best as you can see I'll try to do better, this promise I do make to one and all But believe me when I say it my back is up against the wall Time on my hands is a thing of the past I'm totally hoping that this will change really really fast But enough about me, that's not why I came I've come to pay homage to Caterina without shame She's hot; she's gorgeous and sexy as hell I confess it; she's got me totally under her spell