Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Caterina Murino: Give Me Just One Night

Caterina, Caterina... I have but one request If only for one night would you please be my guest It would be not only an honor but a pleasure indeed To wine you, dine you; fulfill your every need There's no explaining why the sight of you makes my thoughts go crazy My heart races, my body gets excited, Caterina, will you please have my baby? Ok, I know it, there should be a limit; I did say for one night only But I know after one night, you won't want to leave me We could travel the world together, go wherever you'd like Drive fast cars, go boating, ride through serene countrysides on a motorbike Paris, Bangkok, Australia, Mexico, China, the Caribbean, Rome You name the place to settle and we'll make it our home It won't matter in the least where we decide we want to stay As long as I'm with you, I'm happy, blissful, joyful and gay The curve of your back, your silky, beautiful, perfect hair You've got the body of a vixen, don't blame me; I can't help to always stare I'll give you my heart, body, mind, soul... whatever you desire All that I need is for you to help quench this ever burning fire That rages on deep inside of me whenever I think of you I've taken cold showers, watched my favorite show; I don't know what else to do To all my fans who've stayed with me through thick and thin I express a heartfelt thank you and give a nudge on the chin You are all so patient and so totally good to me Things are crazy for me now, but I do my best as you can see I'll try to do better, this promise I do make to one and all But believe me when I say it my back is up against the wall Time on my hands is a thing of the past I'm totally hoping that this will change really really fast But enough about me, that's not why I came I've come to pay homage to Caterina without shame She's hot; she's gorgeous and sexy as hell I confess it; she's got me totally under her spell