Friday, August 7, 2009

Kristin Scott Thomas: My Eternal Obsession

Kristin Scott Thomas what am I to do I'm truly and utterly infatuated with you By dedicating my first Hottie Friday to you I thought I would have quelled this passion with which I fought But alas my love it was not so For with each passing day, all it does is grow It's obvious I'll never be rid of it at all It's useless trying when each day deeper in love with you I fall What is it about you that has me so rapt That makes me as defenseless as an animal in a trap I've tried earnestly, believe me it's true But no other woman in the world can ever compare to you Could it be your sexy alluring bedroom eyes They send my senses soaring to the skies Or maybe it's your flawless, silky smooth skin The thought of caressing it gives me fever without and within It could very well be the way you carry yourself With such class and dignity; want to polish you and put you up on a shelf It could be the simple yet elegant way in which you dress The effect you have on me; woman I'm truly a mess Sometimes I think I'm just pathetic and weak But I know better, so for the answer I continue to seek I cannot be the only one on which you have this effect There's gotta be countless others who you turn into a total wreck Is there any hope for me I often times wonder On those rare occasions when I do have time to ponder I swear images of you in my mind drive me insane Looks like I'll have to live out the rest of my life with KST on the brain I could go on pouring out my soul like this forever Because not only are you gorgeous in every way, you're amazingly clever Could there be a point at which I might overdo Hell no woman; completely impossible; not when it comes to you There's something amazing about your smile Its radiance could light a path for thousands of miles Oh but to hold you close in my arms Totally under your spell of beauty and charm And when it comes to your acting ability You perform each role ever so magnificently You're second to none, a cut above the rest Can you feel my heart beating out of my chest You've got a beautiful soul of this there's no doubt It gives me an uncontrollable urge to scream and shout You light up my life on the darkest day Think I've said enough although there's so much left to say I need someone to stop me before I hurt myself by going over the edge It's scary yet exhilarating, almost like standing on a ledge Having said all that I have I still feel I'm far from explaining How I feel deep down inside; damn, my hormones are raging! With fire, desire, longing, yearning; only just a few of things I'm feel This woman gets into my mind, body, soul, under my skin; she makes my head reel It's hard to breathe; difficult to concentrate on anything; can't get any work done And to think that my out-pouring has only just begun I assume by now I've made a few people quite ill By forcing down their throat my KST pill Be that as it may I offer no apology For dishing out so much of my sordid analogy Hard to believe that I continually put myself through this Knowing very well that it's all quite foolish In as much as I adore you you'll never be mine But as long as you're in my heart, everything's just fine That spot right there is reserved for you and only you It will remain that way always; for as long as the sky is blue It matters not whether you're near or far away For what is distance, when I can feel you in my heart everyday This must be by far my lengthiest outpouring Proof positive that you're the one and I'm not joking I've said it before and I'll say it again without hesitation You are and will always be my ultimate obsession