Friday, October 30, 2009

Vacation Notice

Ok, it is with a tinge (just a teeny tiny tinge) of sadness that I inform my faithful fans and followers that I will be going on a MUCH needed vacation.
As you might have noticed from frequency, or should I say infrequency, of posts on my blog lately I have been much challenged for time to update it as often as I would like. And no, it's not because I've run out of hot, intelligent, blog-worthy women either. Why, perish that thought! The world is filled with such women, much to my delight *yay!*. So I'm packing my bags, putting the darn laptop away, getting on a plane and hauling my tired ass off into seclusion. My mind, body and soul have been taxed to the fullest extent over the past several months. I've been going and going and going and going... well, you get the picture. So now this energizer bunny must find the energy source and plug right into the core of it and absorb as much of it as I possibly can.
If the coming year is anything like the last year and a half, I might be inclined to move to Alaska. And while on vacation, if I happen to see a computer of any kind I am almost 100% sure that I will shoot it! Failing emptying a sub machine gun six-shooter into any such device, the next best thing would be to take it into the nearest deserted alley and beat and kick the shit out of it! Now, lets just clear one thing up here, I'm in dire need of rest and relaxation so anything herefore mentioned in this here post cannot be held against me; let the records show that I am totally not myself. So to one and all I wish much more pleasurable times than I have been having lately. If you have to work, I hope it's not too much work. If you don't have to and you still get paid, I want your job. I know you all wish me a pleasant journey and all the pleasures that a vacation can bring so I take this opportunity to thank you profusely. Be good, but not too good, while I'm gone. My house is your house, may there be enough posts to keep you occupied over the next 2 weeks.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jaslene Gonzalez: At The Top Of Her Game

OK, so I have one eensy, weensy, teeny, tiny problem with Jaslene Gonzalez. What? How can that be? What’s my problem?! Well, since you asked, I’ll tell. How do I put this? I might as well just come right out and say it; girlfriend needs some flesh on her bones. There… I said it. Go ahead; let me have it. Do as you wish and will but that’s my opinion. You can strap me to a chair and bring out the electric charges; the girl is just a bit too skinny. Just because you’re a model doesn’t mean you have to be stick thin. Now moving right along, my little problem does not outweigh the many marvelous accomplishments and pros of Gonzalez in anyway whatsoever. Though I'm not the greatest fan of models or TV reality shows, I’ve got to give props where it’s due. In a nutshell Jaslene Gonzalez is a fashion model and winner of Cycle 8 of Tyra Banks’ America's Next Top Model. She is a native of Puerto Rico who grew up in Humboldt Park, Chicago. As a little girl she had a dream of becoming a model and hats off to her for following that dream. Before trying out for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 she had done a bit of modeling. She failed to reach the finals for Cycle 7 but assured the judges that she would be back for Cycle 8. True to her word, she returned for the Cycle 8 tryouts and not only made it to the finals this time around but won the competition. The determination and confidence that she exhibited at the Cycle 7 tryout left an indelible impression on the judges and definitely convinced them that this young woman had remarkable potential. She had an undeniable presence throughout the entire competition having been called to the panel four times, never being ranked in the bottom two and won one reward challenge. If you are not into fashion competitions, catwalks, etc, to even begin to list the print campaigns, fashion houses, designers, etc that Gonzalez has worked for and still has contracts with would bore you to tears. Let’s just say that Gonzalez has made her rounds in the most prestigious circles in her line of work. She has a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics; has modeled for such designers as Ximena Valero, Ashley Paige and Armani; has worked for Latina/Latino designers Elda De La Rosa, James De Colon, Nora Del Busto and Soledad Designs; her face has been plastered on the cover of numerous magazines - local, regional and international and she has made quite a number of television appearances. Gonzalez is currently signed with Faces Model Management Malaysia. The Latina/Latino community adores her and has bestowed considerable awards and recognitions on her. Gonzalez uses her talents to the benefit of those in need. She has done work to benefit the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation and St. Jude Children's Hospital. It gives me great pleasure to feature Jaslene Gonzalez on my site. She represents a lot of the characteristics that I strive to embody and showcase here on my blog. She’s strong-willed, confident and determined. She didn’t let her current circumstances, race, ethnicity or anything else deter her from pursuing her dreams. I must also take this opportunity to give due credit to Tyra Banks for giving these young ladies a shot at their aspirations. Say what you will about Banks, but she must be applauded as well for first following her own ambitions and secondly for having such a big heart to try to give others the same opportunities that she had and in a lot of cases did not have. Jaslene, I wish you well. I am hopeful that your career will continue to blossom and soar. As I’ve done on a lot of other occasions, I issue a caution to stay grounded. I can never stress this enough. The world of a celebrity, especially of a model, is a fierce one. Continue to choose wisely, always be vigilant and strive to make wise decisions in an effort to reap the full benefits of a career that you have worked hard to achieve. Now tell me... Is it hot in here? Did the AC just suddenly stop working or something? Is it just me? Seriously... Gonzalez is hot! She's definitely sexy. And yet another question.... Why do I have this suddent urge to just bite her? She's absolutely scrumptous. What can I do to control this urge? Help! Somebody.. anybody... Please... save me from myself...