Friday, May 6, 2011

Heather Peace: Absolutely Scrumptious

If you have a heart condition, I strongly recommend that you take your medication now! In fact, even if you don't have a heart condition, go ahead and take some meds anyway just as a precaution for the hotness that is about to be unleashed. I seriously doubt that anyone would be standing while they read this. However I'm not taking any chances so please make sure you're seated comfortably before going forward. Other recommendations include a nice really cold drink, a rag or cloth of some kind to wipe the sweating that will be induced and the drool that might escape from your mouth and have a tub filled with cold water standing by. If you're into 'toys' you might want to have those to hand as well *ahem*. As a last resort maybe you should invite a girlfriend over to go through this blog with *wink*. I must caution though that having a girlfriend over could go either way (negative or positive). You might find yourself in an embarrassing position as you are likely to sweat profusely, or have to pop your eyeballs back into their sockets, or pick your tongue up off the floor and your knees are also likely to fail leaving you in a compromising position depending on the direction of your fall. As you can see I'm doing my best to fully prepare you; I care that much. On the positive side, having company means you might not have to take that shower alone after having a fill of the irresistibly alluring Heather Peace. Also, that cold shower might not be so 'cold' after-all *wink wink*. One last thing, don't expect me to go on and on about the accomplishments of this ultra hottie because when you have a level of hotness on par with Sarah Shahi (you do want to click this link, trust me) then words are a total waste of time because they could never do justice. Anyone who knows Shahi knows that she did not fit into a category of hot. Au contraire, a level of hot was created to fit her into. With all that said, let me introduce you to ... no, wait... I'll do that later. First let's start with her character, Detective Sam Murray, of Lip Service. You know what, my introduction might pale in comparison to my friend's (Dorothy Snarker) so I'll let her do the introduction instead (and yes you definitely must click on these links too, you'll thank me!). Peace is an English actress and musician who was born in Bradford, Yorkshire on June 16, 1976. She is best known for the roles in London's Burning, Emmerdale Farm, The Bill, Empathy, The Chase and Ultimate Force. Her most recent and juiciest role is playing Detective Sergeant Sam Murray on BBC's Lip Service. Lip Service has been renewed for a second season *hallelujah - insert me doing cartwheels here*. She will play the role of Charlie in Ronnie Thompson's Screwed. The film is currently in post-production phase and is set for release on June 3. I can aptly sum up Heather Peace in one word: S-C-R-U-M-P-T-I-O-U-S! Mmm mmm mmm, I love me some Heather... tasty, delicious, oh-so-good Peace; and again I say, mmm mmm mmm. As you might have noticed, I've stayed away from describing body-parts *sighs, swoon, aah*, I'm letting the pictures do all the talking. For details on Heather's first ever full UK tour (already in progress) visit her official website. As for me, my schedule is crazy and shows no sign of improving anytime soon; so I'll see you as soon as I can. Peace.